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Real Estate Lead Generation Checklist

Real estate agents need leads. Generally, the more the better because only a small percentage will convert.

We put together this real estate lead generation checklist to help you maximize opportunities for new sales. Feel free to print it out and make notes as you implement the strategies.

Integrate Organic Listings

Organic listings are hosted locally and are more likely to appear on Google. This helps your page ranking and ultimately your web visibility. For more, please see How Does Organic MLS Integration Work? 

Develop Original Blog Content 

To build a blog following you will need to provide value that no one else does. To get you started, here is free list of real estate blog post ideas. 

Activate Social Media Accounts

Your social media accounts need to be active and producing. Otherwise, they are not worth having. For more on the subject, see How to Activate Your YouTube Channel and Generate More Real Estate Leads.


Incorporate Neighborhood Intelligence 

Neighborhood intelligence is web content that helps leads understand a community from afar. This can help break down barriers and make online listings see more like home. For more, please visit 7 Neighborhood Intelligence Strategies to Boost Lead Generation.

Give away Branded Swag

Physical items have a way of hanging around that web advertising does not. Creative branding on things people actually use is a good way to build some permanence into your marketing.

Utilize Market Data 

As a real estate agent you have access to a wealth of highly valuable market data. If you are able to provide analysis of this data, you can add value worthy of new leads.

Comment in Forums and Blogs

You can generate leads by being an active member of the online community. For a list of places to start, see 9 Underutilized Websites That Can Help Generate Real Estate Leads.

Ask for Client Testimonials

Few marketing platforms offer the authenticity and persuasion that former clients do. For more on this concept and why it works, check out What Is Social Proof and Why Is It Important for Real Estate?

Leverage Community Knowledge

As a real estate agent, you are a community expert. Few people know the comings and goings within your community like you. Agents that are able to translate this knowledge into unique and useful content will have a leg up generating leads.

Seek Press Coverage 

Old media still has its place. See How to Get Press Coverage for your Business and Generate Real Estate Leads.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are like bread crumbs around the web that lead back to your content. See How to Build Backlinks and Generate Real Estate Leads

Advanced Search Features

Search features are tools to help leads sort through the mass of properties for sale. The more you give them the more likely they are to come back to your page.

Go Mobile

Real estate agents must go to where the leads are, and currently that’s mobile.

Purchase Web Ads

 Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are massive platforms and massive opportunities. See 8 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Facebook Ad.

Send Handwritten Notes 

Not all of your real estate lead generation activities need to play to the masses. A handwritten note can be more personal and more effective in creating new sales opportunities. 

Fine Tune Your Call to Action

Your call to action is the part of your marketing message that asks your leads to do something. How to Write a Strong Call to Action and Convert More Real Estate Leads from Facebook.

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