What Should I Write About On My Real Estate Blog?

So you are considering a blog for your real estate site. Fantastic! With some clever content you will be able to attract more visitors to your site and generate more leads.

But you are probably thinking: What should I write about on my real estate blog?

Here are 11 real estate blog post ideas to help you get started.

1) Provide Answers to Client Questions
Do you get repeat questions from clients? It’s probably a sign that the information they seek is not readily available. Answer some of these questions on your blog and you will start attracting visitors asking the same thing.

2) Best of Lists
From talking to clients you probably have a good grasp of the things buyers are looking for in a home. Take some of these and create best of lists in your community or from your portfolio.
– 10 new Kansas City homes that pop from the street
– Best Dallas porches for a mojito
– Top 7 destination bathrooms in San Diego
– 14 Phoenix kitchens that are perfect for chips and guac
You get the idea. Include photos and run with it.

3) Reader Contributions
Your blog should be a gathering place. Consider guest posts, or submissions for best reader photos or gardens, etc. This will help you build a sense of community and engage with your clients/readers.

4) Interviews
Homebuyers might soon be living in a new community. They might want to know who their neighbors will be. Interview a local café owner about why she chose your community for your business or a longtime resident about why he’s never left. Put the video on your blog and include the link on nearby listings to put them in context.

5) Neighborhood Insight
If you run a web search for “homes for sale in Boston” you’ll find the search results are almost entirely real estate portals. But if you run a more specific search “best neighborhood for dog owners in Boston” the results are much more varied. This is a huge opportunity for real estate agents to peel some leads away from the portals. No one knows your market and neighborhoods like you.
Where should a family with young children live?
Where should a young professional with an interest in craft beer live?
Where should a couple that wants quick access to hiking live?
Answer some of these questions in blog posts.

6) Before And After Photos
Believe it or not every community has an interesting history. Speak to some older residents, go to the library, or visit your town council and see if you can find any old pictures of the area. Then visit the same places and photograph them to see how they have changed or remained the same. This will help bring your community to life as a living, evolving place.

7) Day Trips
A new home is not just about the street and block. It’s about what is easily accessible. Detail some of the day trips possible from your community to give homebuyers more ideas of where to go if they need to “just get away.” Include photos of course.

8) Buying/Selling Guide
Your blog also could be a resource for the buying/selling process. Consider including guides for home inspections, home staging, closing process, etc. This will help your clients prepare and could help you generate new leads from those who are just starting out.

9) Curate
Do a roundup of the best blog posts, Facebook posts, news articles, and tweets about your community. Think of your favorite articles/posts and put them all in one place. Home buying can be pretty mechanical—prices, square-footage, school ratings, etc. Curate some content that puts a human touch on your community.

10) Weekend Guide
A prospective homebuyer might like to spend a weekend in your community before deciding whether to buy there. Plan an itinerary for her stay. Note your favorite things to do and your favorite restaurants.

11) Update Popular Posts
Follow the comments on your blog. Whenever you hit on something particularly well received, write a part two.

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