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The MLS Router™ API provides consumers access to MLS data feeds to develop apps using Property Listings and Headless Architecture.
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MLS Router™ - RESO Web API Platinum Certified and MLS Compliance Compatible

A Comprehensive Data Platform That Goes Beyond Basic MLS Data

(Upon approval of your MLS/Association):

  • Market Stats
  • Open Street Map
  • CRM Data IO
  • CDN Service
  • Demographic Data
  • Neighborhood Data
  • Saved Search Data
  • Open House Data
  • Authentication Service (AWS Cognito)
  • Tags and Notes

Supported MLS Providers

rebgv mls
gar mls

Automate Your Workflow With MLS Router™

Automate your workflow and enjoy a hub of diverse comprehensive data in one place with MLS Router™

Comprehensive Front-End Frameworks


Use Flutter’s open-source UI software development kit to build cross-platform apps that run on Android and iOS devices.


With Nuxt.JS, you can run apps on an open source free Javascript library based on Vue.js, Node.js, Webpack and Babel.js


Develop open source TypeScript-based web application frameworks with Angular.

How it Works?

Signing Up

Upon signing up to MLS Router™, users will have immediate access to Demo Data to start building apps.

MLS dashboard

Upon approval (MLS dashboard), your feed will be available on your MLS Router™ service with the same “Authentication/Authorization key/credential)

Our MLS team

Our MLS team will send forms and approval processes for actual MLS data for their feed of choice within 2 – 3 working days. (or multiple feeds of choice)

Transparent pricing for you

Any pass through fees from MLS may affect the pricing

There is an activation fee based on MLS tiers. Please see more here.

The MLS Router fee starts from $99 per month plus MLS data fees. There is an activation fee of $950 which is waived for the MLSs which are already supported.

Dimond-Icon Our
$0 Per Month Basic $99 Per Month Pro Discounted $250 $149 Per Month Ultra $499 Per Month Mega $1999 Per Month Enterprise - Per Month Custom
Licensing Model - Agent website only Agents websites and apps Brokers Portals -
Data Sources Demo Data Tier 1 MLSs Tiers 1&2 MLSs Tiers 1&2&3 MLSs Tiers 1&2&3&4&5 MLSs Tier 6 MLSs
Max Request Per Month 5,000 250,000 1,000,000 5,000,000 5,000,000 Per Contract
Available Data Demo Listings Listings Listings
+ Yelp Add-on (2k calls per client)
+ Authentication
+ Yelp Add-on (2k calls per client)
+ VOW Data
All services
+ Yelp Add-on (2k calls per client)
+ VOW Data
All services + Custom fields
+ Yelp Add-on (2k calls per client)
+ VOW Data
Overage Per Request N/A $0,0004 $0,0002 $0,0001 $0,0001 Per Contract
Support Service Included - SLA Included - SLA Included - SLA Included - SLA Included - SLA Per Contract
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
Note: Upon purchasing a data plan, the opportunity to incorporate MLS data into your website becomes available. However, it's important to note that each MLS data source is associated with a monthly subscription fee, which differs based on the MLSs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any data access is wholly at the discretion of the MLS, and each will have their own processes and criteria for approval.

Currently available datasets can be seen on the dashboard after you have created an account. We are always in the process of adding more datasets. If you are a brokerage and a member of an MLS that you do not see on the dashboard, please reach out to us to discuss further options.

Yes, our RESO Web API is Platinum compliant and certified. MLS data is normalized to RESO Data Dictionary standards.

MLS data is normalized to the RESO Data Dictionary and returned in JSON format (from the Web API), XML or CSV (from RETS), Any fields that are not able to be normalized (e.g. ‘custom’ or ‘native’ fields) are made available as well, at the MLS’s discretion.

Yes, you may create a virtual dataset that will allow you to retrieve listing data across all of your datasets.

Typically we refresh listing data every 10 minutes or less, depending on the resource and the MLS.

The API can serve all data from all resources (including Properties, Members, Offices, Open Houses and any others like Rooms and UnitTypes), as well as off-market data. However, the MLS has full control of what data is served through the API on a per application basis, and access is at their discretion.

Yes, we have tools that make replication easy, although this is only available at the discretion of the MLS that has approved your data access. See the documentation for more information.

Under certain conditions, you can get the publisher access through ListHub license to nationwide access. Please contact us for free consultation.

The process is essentially the same as for MLS data access. After registering an account, apply for access to any available dataset you are interested in. Access will be granted depending on your specific use-case.

If the websites belong to the client, they can use it. Also, websites should be approved by their MLS. Please note that reselling is strictly prohibited.