Multisite Solution

The success of the Real Estate business relies greatly on having a professional, dynamic website that creates a strong online presence with lead capturing tools. However, creating and maintaining a quality real estate website requires a lot of time and effort from real estate agents.

Although some real estate Franchisors offer website development services to their clients, it is usually so expensive that it forces Realtors to opt for third party vendors, and the success rate is not very high. So, one of the important areas in which Franchisors can help their Realtors is providing value-added yet cost-effective website solutions.

With the correct website structure, a Franchisor can easily provide professional real estate website solutions to their agents with a minimum setup and maintenance fee.

Realtyna’s® Franchise/Multisite Solution is perfect for building multiple real estate websites while sharing the same property database. With very little time investment you can build one main site and literally an unlimited number of child websites (on the same server) with this solution.

The advantages of Realtyna’s® Franchise/Multisite Solution are:

  • Attracting more Agents and Brokers by offering a state-of-the-art real estate website solution at a fraction of the cost.
  • Breaking down the setup and maintenance cost by hosting all the websites on a single server and a single property database.
  • Listing all of the client’s properties on a single website (the Franchisor’s main website).
  • Sharing a single instance of the MLS data between multiple websites, saving a lot of hosting resources.
  • It helps reducing the database/files sizes significantly.
  • You won’t need multiple cron jobs/scripts to update other websites, therefore every website’s data will be real-time.
  • If the designs of all websites are similar, we can create a package after the first website setup, and create the child websites based on that.
  • For the child websites, there’s no need to purchase product licenses.
  • Later you can add more websites, with minimum effort compared to building websites from scratch.
  • Compatible with WordPress NS Cloner

  • Central Property Database Multiple Instances Central Maintenance
  • Child Websites with their Preferred Template, logo,Listing and Contact Details
  • Filters and Priorities
franchise chart
There are two versions of Realtyna’s® Franchise/Multisite Solution:

  • Broker version
    • Supports up to 250 agent websites
  • Portal version
    • Supports up to 5000 agent websites

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