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First On-the-Fly Web Frontend for RESO Web API

Increase flexibility and unlock endless possibilities for high conversions on your real estate website with Lavender Theme’s premium features.

The state-of-the-art real estate theme provides 10x more speed and improved accessibility. It also offers a headless framework to integrate high-performing WordPress features with listings from the powerful RealtyFeed API.

Address Bar

Real-time Visual Editor

Create and edit listings in real-time with the Lavender Theme's visual editor with an in-context preview.

Breakthrough Real Estate Solution

A real estate theme that sets the pace for high conversion and increased performance overall.


Using the Lavender Theme™, you can create fully functional, headless real estate websites using the robust RealtyFeed API.

Limitless Technology and Support

A real estate theme that is compatible with all technologies, frontend frameworks and suitable for all your projects. Call it a cloud-serverless frontend. Lavender supports it all.








Headless Framework

Lavender provides a seamless approach to developing lightning-fast websites using RealtyFeed API and React. Open source and free to use.





Realty Feed






How Lavender Works

Build faster, more scalable, and more secure real estate websites using a headless framework with MLS Router™ API !

Think of MLS Router™ API as a real estate-specific headless CMS used to create and manage property listing data and website content.

Retrieve your data through REST-API and generate the final HTML

The Lavender Theme allows you to build websites with Next.js, and deliver content run on a Node.js server separately.

Lavender Theme™ - 10x Faster Real Estate Theme

Using serverless pre-rendering technology allows for the instant delivery of dynamic content. 

1. Serverless HTML generated on the fly
2. Next.JS frontend
3. Cloud serverless backend
4. API XRay
5. Headless architecture

  • Create an advanced website project in just a few steps
  • Everything is already configured for you.
Why Lavender?

Improved User Experience

The Lavender Theme promptly delivers relevant data to users with fast load times, thereby increasing the overall user experience.

API-Ready Extensible and Easily Customizable

The theme powers a flexible extensibility pattern that is easily customizable and can be activated seamlessly.


The Server Side Rendering functionality is built into the Lavender Theme, which provides an ideal strategy for SEO and works well with dynamic content.

Hassle-free Setup

React, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Flutter, Angular, Routing, etc. are all completely set up so you can start building your site right away.


Designed specifically for real estate websites, the Lavender Theme gives you a significant head start by including built-in commonly used queries.

Lightening Fast Speed

The initial load time is instantaneous thanks to the Lavender Theme's delivery of a navigation-ready HTML page that is immediately usable.


What Lavender Theme Offers

Lavender makes for a new and improved feature-rich luxury real estate theme with an advanced headless framework for increased performance.

Lavender Theme Features

Lavender Theme Based on RealtyFeed API

MLSs through RealtyFeed API

Fully Customizable With Elementor

Bootstrap 5

Fully Responsive

A Myriad of Widgets

Custom Property Listings

Custom Property Details (Manageable through widgets)

Custom States Listings

Custom Agent Listings

Custom Search Widget

Custom Gallery Page

Custom About Us Page

Custom Contact Us Page

Compatible With Gravity Form (all forms such as contact agent manageable with Gravity Form)

Compatible With WPL


Compatible with all WPL Pro Add-ons

High-Speed Real Estate theme

Lighthouse overview 100 on Mobile and Desktop



Best Practices


GTmetrix A


Use your RealtyFeed Dashboard to create, edit and update listings data and content just as usual

Ready To Get Started?

Building a property search website with a Next.js frontend made easier than ever before.