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8 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Facebook Ad

Let’s face it, people. Facebook is too big to ignore. As a platform, it offers too many opportunities for real estate agents to connect with their leads and improve sales.

To take advantage of these opportunities, real estate agents should carve out some time to work on their messaging. Some of this messaging may include Facebook ads. In this article we’ll show you 8 tips to improve your real estate Facebook ad.

1) Specify Conversion Event

When designing your ad, you should determine the action you want your leads to take. It may be view a listing, schedule a viewing, sign up for your email list, execute a search, etc. Consider this your conversion event then design an ad around it. Each event should have its own ad.

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2) Define a Narrow Target Audience

Facebook offers several layers of targeting. Your ad should take advantage of as many as possible. A narrowly defined target audience will ensure your ad is relevant to your leads and help improve your conversion rates.

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3) Use a Clear Call to Action

Your Facebook ads need to be short and punchy because you only have a few seconds to grab your leads’ attention. Your call to action should be clear and to the point. It should use strong verbs and language that evokes an emotion such as fear of missing out or urgency. Finally, don’t forget to tell leads what is in it for them.

4) Automate Your Catalog

Facebook Dynamic ads will show your content to leads that have already visited your site. But for it to work correctly, you must build a catalog that Facebook can pull from. For real estate agents with thousands of listings this can take time. Realtya’s Facebook Add-on automates the process of sending your listings to Facebook, allowing you to refocus your efforts on crafting the perfect ad or lead conversion.

5) Improve The Visual Element

Your ad not only needs to stand out against other content, it needs to stand out for the right reason. Your ad should be attractive. It should jog a leads memory or make them reflect on something new, not merely distract them. You should use visuals that are comparable to the sales experience they will get. You should use text creatively and avoid stock images and video.

6) Create a Useful Landing Page for Users that Click Through

Users that click your ad are looking for the specific set of information teased in your ad. The faster you can provide it to them the higher conversion rates you will see. For example if your ad focuses on a specific listing, you should link directly to that listing rather than your homepage.

7) Improve Your Offer

You could have the flashiest images and the sharpest copy, but if your ad doesn’t add value for your leads, no one is going to click. When crafting or editing your ad make sure you offer something people actually want, and if you are not happy with your ad’s performance, try improving your offer.

8) Add Social Proof

If you are struggling to convince people, let others do it for you. Social proof is important in real estate because we are more likely to choose an agent who has a long history of success.

Now you know how to improve your real estate Facebook ad. Don’t forget that your ad should not be static. You should test and refine until you maximize the members of your target audience reached. And don’t hesitate to drop the ads that aren’t working.

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