Building Complex and Community Add-on

Add a building complex into the system instead of adding
the information manually for each and every property.

What Is Building Complex and Community Add-on?

In our growing world, building complexes and communities are a rising trend, and multiple listings within one complex is a norm. With the Complex Add-on, you are able to create pages specific to these communities with common characteristics already prefilled, such as:

  • Address
  • Building features & amenities (number of floors, gym, pool, elevator, security, etc).
  • Building demographics
  • Common area photos
  • Proximity to different points of interest
  • and more…

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Building Complex Pages

Building Complex Pages

Individual listing page for Building Complexes with all the common information, features, photos, etc.


Each complex page can display the price, size and room ranges of the units inside.
Search Listings

Search Listings

Listings included on the Complex Page.


Integrated with the Importer and MLS Add-ons to automatically group complex listings during your property import (Depending on the feed type and project scope).

What Can You Do with Building Complex and Community Add-on?

Instead of adding all this information manually for each and every property, you can conveniently add a building complex into the system with all the common information. Then, when adding the individual units into the system, they can be assigned to the appropriate building complex or community.


Additional Features

While common information is prefilled and grouped together, properties still keep their individuality by having its specific information included on the single property details such as size, price, views, photos, room descriptions and more. Additionally, there are other important features such as:

Ability to clone complex items,
such as galleries, attachments,
videos and more from property
to unit page.

Optimized for maximum
SEO with micro-data format.

Added widget areas for
your own convenience
and customization.

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