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Mar 2021
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Realtyna Introduces RealtyFeed: A Disruptive Social Network Built to Host the Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals


While most of the members of Generation Z aren’t old enough to vote, they are already inspiring change in the real estate industry.
Mar 2021

What Makes Your Real Estate Website Unique


Nowadays, there is huge competition between real estate websites. Each of them seeks to become the dominant website of the real estate industry. That’s why they need to have useful features.
Feb 2021
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AI and Its Possible Impact on Real Estate


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword in several businesses for years. Some take it with a grain of salt, while others are motivated to implement more of it in their businesses.
Jan 2020
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RealtyFeed is crowdfunding a ‘disruptive social network’ for real estate


Looking for a minimum of $25K, RealtyFeed is a product of technology company Realtyna, and it aims to combine agent collaboration features with search tools for consumers
Dec 2020
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Create Advanced Real Estate Websites with Realtyna’s Plugin-Rich WordPress CMS and Managed Hosting Options


The real estate industry has historically been hesitant to embrace technology, opting to remain comfortable with tried-and-true processes and push off digital transformation until it made sense — sometime in the future.
Of course, real estate professionals couldn’t have anticipated how quickly that future would come.
Nov 2020
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How to Add Real Estate Property Listings to Your Website with Divi


In this video, Jason from Elegant Themes explains how to showcase property listings in the most convenient way possible using Divi Builder and our very own WordPress plugin WPL. Our WPL’s amazing functionality is a great help with Divi to make it all happen. Watch the video to learn more.
Nov 2020
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(WPL) WordPress Property Listing Plugin Walk Through


In this video, long-term web developer from WebDev By the Bay walks you through the main features of our very own WPL plugin. He shares his experience working with our solid plugin WPL, which helps realtors build real estate IDX websites with a myriad of customizations and features. Watch the video to find out more.
Nov 2020

The Best MLS WordPress Plugin Options For Your Real Estate Site


The real estate business makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Online marketing and promotion tools are vital for those working in real estate. It’s really important to have a great website in this business, to gain new customers and advertise properties. If WordPress is your platform of choice, knowing the best MLS WordPress plugin options for your real estate site is essential.
Nov 2020
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IDX WordPress Plugins in 2020: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


When it comes to new technology, real estate agents seem to be either on the bleeding edge or stuck in the Dark Ages. Of course, this isn’t surprising when you remember that most of the 1.5 million licensed agents in this country are basically all bootstrapped small businesses of one.
Nov 2020
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7 Web Design Tricks for Realtors to Get More Leads


If you’ve had your website up and running for more than a few months, you’ve probably noticed something curious. You’re getting some traffic, but almost none of that traffic converts into actual leads…
Sep 2020

Organic MLS Integration for Real Estate Professionals


Real estate technology revolves around MLS. Clients search for properties on Google via their computer or mobile devices. A successful real estate website is the one that ranks on Google and is conveniently accessible for viewers.
Sep 2020

9 Essential WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Agents


There’s no business like real estate—you get to be your own boss while earning great money and helping people to find their dream home. It can also be difficult, and sorting out the technical side of things is becoming increasingly complex. That’s what we’re doing today: we’re putting our heads together and choosing our favourite WordPress plugins for real estate.
July 2020

How to Create a Real Estate Website with Zita Theme and WPL Pro


One of the most eye-catching features of any real estate website is the listings showcase. Having a feature-rich real estate website with lead capturing tools, IDX/RETS, and CRM is now common for every realtor/broker.
May 2020

10+ Examples Of CRM Software for Real Estate Companies Of 2020


Many people may assume that realtors and real estate professionals conduct their business solely in the offline world. That, however, is not entirely true. Just like any other business, realtors need a bit of help from the outside.
May 2018

4+ IDX WordPress Plugins 2019 (Free and Paid)


IDX WordPress plugins are on huge demands these days. According to the research, more than 3000 people search for this plugin. Now the question is that “why a huge number of people search for it, what makes this plugin important?”
March 2019

7 Tips for Home Buyers: How to Read Housing Market News


Home buying is difficult because the market is always changing. What applies one day may not apply the next. Housing prices fluctuate. The best home buyers anticipate market changes and choose the optimal time to buy. Luckily, you do not need to be a financial analyst to succeed in the market – simply knowing how to read the news is enough.
May 2018

How to Add Real Estate Property Listings to Your Website with Divi


Showcasing real estate property listings on your website is a big project, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. With the helpful design of Divi’s Real Estate Layout Pack and the functionality of the WordPress Property Listings (WPL) by Realtyna, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get your real estate site up and running.
April 2018

What is the RESO Web API?


We created this article to explain everything from the very beginning. We’ll cover how the real estate industry works, why the RESO Web API exists, and what it does. At the end, we hope you’ll have the information you need to improve your business. And at the very least, you’ll have some new knowledge to impress guests at the next cocktail party.
Feb 2018

8 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins – Reviewed and Compared


With the WPL Real Estate plugin, you get a chance to list agents, share a map view of your listings and offer an advanced search for your clients. The main reason I like this one so much is because it caters to agencies with a handful of agents. You can post agent information and share photos to give buyers or sellers more on who they’ll be working with.
Feb 2018

Best in Real Estate 2018: Top Industry Leaders


Why Realtyna is Best in Real Estate: They are dedicated to real estate technology, and will bring you everything you need for a full-featured real estate website and mobile app, including web hosting. They even offer full-featured real estate CRM, complete with lead generation, management, monitoring, and unlimited agent support. Organic RETS integration and Organic IDX Integration are their key products.
NOV 2014
Realtor Mag

National Association of realtors

Many Practitioners pay an IDX provider to set up an MLS feed on their website. Others have decided there are better ways to get their listings in front of clients.
NOV 2014
National Association of Realtors

Cut the Middle Man Out


When it comes to marketing listings, many practitioners pay an IDX provider to set up an MLS feed on their website.
MAY 2016
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Top 7 Real Estate WordPress Plugins


Top 7 Real Estate WordPress Plugins – the best wordpress plugins for real estate agents and real estate broker websites.
DEC 2015
Elegant theme

The 5 Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins Explored and Compared


If you’re either a realtor or a developer, you’ll want to get acquainted with the most efficient solutions for building functional real estate WordPress websites in order to display your listings in all their glory.
Apr 2016
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30 Must-Try Real Estate WordPress Plugins and Themes


If you are somehow related to the real estate industry or run a website on this topic, then you might be interested in the popular solutions on how to make it way more powerful and usable.
JUL 2016

10 Best Free Real Estate WordPress Plugins

Run your best real estate site utilizing WPL. WPL has parcel’s of elements and addons for land specialists and land organizations. WPL Real Estate is supplemented with a committed bolster group, which has a flawless record hitherto with regards to determining open strings on their primary page.
May 2016
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Trending: SEO Benefits of Organic MLS Integration


Content is still king in the world of search engine rankings especially for real estate professionals with markets that can be saturated with agent websites.
DEC 2016
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WPL Real Estate WordPress Plugin – Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Run your real estate website using WPL. WPL has lot’s of features and addons for real estate agents and real estate agencies. Check Realtyna® WPL official website and WPL demo website
DEC 2015
WP Wonder


If you are looking for a Top WordPress Real Estate Plugins to manage your listings, RETS /IDX/VOW real estate options and scalable feature, look no further . This free wordpress real estate plugin packs the power of a premium one .
MAR 2016

RealtyNA® offers a more turnkey solution

Agents are told they need a website — and they do, but not all real estate websites are built the same, nor do they provide the same functionalities.
JAN 2015
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How To Integrate MLS Listings Into A WordPress Website

There are a lot of expensive solutions out there to build a real estate website with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) integration.
AUG 2014
Whats WP

The Top 7 Award-Winning WordPress Real Estate Plugins

This advanced real estate plugin is ideal for real estate agencies. It comes with a ton of features and supports many add-ons. This plugin is basically designed for data management tasks.
APR 2016
WP Bean

10+ Best WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WPL real estate plugin comes with plenty of options and supports several add-ons. If you’re looking for a complete responsive plugin which will assist you with a comprehensive and easy property listings management, then WPL real estate plugin is that the best for you.
APR 2016

6 Must Have WordPress Real Estate Plugins

When looking to manage your listings easily, this extremely customizable plugin will help you do just that.
Aug 2016

Create A Powerful Real Estate Website With These Real Estate Plugins For WordPress

WPL Real Estate is one of the most popular WordPress plugin designed especially for real estate websites. It was created by Realtyna®, a well-recognized web development company offering high-quality solutions to the real estate agents and agencies.
June 2016
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A Unique Bang For Your Buck


We all love to save money and maximize our return on our investments. As a real estate agent, there is a way to acquire a unique bang for your buck with a powerful, promotional tool that is becoming increasingly popular among successful agents and brokers.