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Zillow, Trulia
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Other WPL Add-ons

  • Availability Calendar
  • Exporter Add-on
  • Optimizer Add-on
  • Tags Add-on
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • School info Add-on

WPL Pro is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that you can use for creating a powerful stand-alone real estate website. You can extend the rich functionalities of WPL at any time, through some of the useful add-on plugins. These add-ons are useful for different various business models/scenarios.

A question that one may ask is that why these features are not a part of WPL Pro itself. The answer is that:

  • The core code of WPL Pro would become too large for some clients.
  • The additional codes require additional support, updates, and maintenance, which result in increasing the cost of the product for those who may not need these features.
  • The extra features can make the system a lot more complex for those who do not need them.

Some of WPL add-ons have their own product page on our website. Below you can find a list of some smaller add-ons with a short description for each one.

Availability Calendar

This add-on can be used for showing the
availability dates of vacation rental properties on the calendar. It allows to define different seasons (high season/low season) and a different pricing for each season, as well as a different price for per day, per week, per month, etc.

Exporter Add-on

This add-on can be used for exporting the properties and agents database in CSV format, as well as XML and JSON formats. This is extremely useful for exporting your listings on a regular basis to 3rd party websites. WPL Exporter add-on includes the configuration options for exporting listings to Zillow and Trulia.

Optimizer Add-on

This add-on is useful for optimizing your website speed for loading images.

Tags Add-on

This add-on enables the admin to add a new set of custom tags, group them and style them. Agents can choose these tags for their listings, which will add the tag on the listing’s images.

Mortgage Calculator

This add-on helps the potential home buyers to calculate the different payment terms and find out the best loan / mortgage terms based on their income.

Note: For a complete list of add-ons, please visit our WPL Shop Page.