Renewal of the Support & Update Package

All Realtyna® products offer a one-year update and support package. Please read our support coverage article for more information.

From the second year forward, regardless of the number of products purchased, the renewal fee for the support package is $199 per year for all purchased products, with the following conditions:

  • The renewal must be done annually, before the expiring the one-year period. For example, if WPL+CRM have been
    purchased at $2,049 ($199+$1,850), renewing the support-update package BEFORE the one year expiration will cost
    $199 for both purchased products.
  • Renewal of the packages after the mentioned deadline requires the payment of 50% of total product purchases. For
    example, if WPL+CRM have been purchased at $2,049 ($199+$1,850), renewing the support-update package AFTER one
    year will cost $1,024.50
  • The renewal date will be calculated from the date of WPL purchase. If you purchase another product at a later date, the
    WPL purchase date will be the date used.
  • If applicable, for the reasons mentioned in the
    support coverage article, the support coverage will be void and renewal
    of the support & update package will not be possible.

Important Notes:

  1. For clients who only own WPL Pro, the support renewal after 30 days will still be $199, not 50% of purchased products.
  2. The renewal of custom brand iPhone/Android support & update package should be done on the individual basis and therefore the cost of OPTIONAL update/renewal is $300/year.

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