WPL Changelog

WPL v4.12.1
– Fixed Memory Usage Issue in Search Widget

WPL v4.12.0
– Fixed Some Bugs
– Fixed Some Incompatibility Issues with PHP 8.x
– Fixed Google Map Issues
– Fixed TinyMCE Issues
– Fixed Unit Switcher Issues
– Fixed An Incompatibility Issue with WPML Plugin
– Fixed Session Issue with REST-API
– Improved Some UI Styles
– Added Expired Property Tag in Listing Manager
– Added Ability to Revet Expired Property in Listing Manager
– Added BenchMarker Feature

WPL4.10.2 (8/14/2021 revision 5180)
– Fixed some issues related to PHP8.0.
– Fixed an issue related IDX.
– Fixed the issue with WPL widget.
– Fixed some other issues

WPL4.10.1 (7/20/2021 revision 5163)
– Fixed an issue with search widget.

WPL4.10.0 (4/27/2021 revision 5139)
– [PRO] fixed some issues related to PHP8.0.
– Fixed an issue with loading map markers.
– Fixed an issue with search widget.
– Fixed an issue with notification expiration.
– Fixed an issue with import / export settings.
– Fixed some issues related to Divi page builder.
– Fixed some issues related to Genesis Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to Enfold Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to Avada Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to Bridge Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to Listy Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to Webify Theme.
– Fixed some issues related to X Theme.
– Added Compatibility With Twenty Nineteen Theme

WPL4.9.0 (12/8/2020 revision 4955)
– [PRO] fixed an issue regarding 3D secure MultiSafepay.
– Added Storage field in flex(properties speed improvement).
– Fixed some issues related to styles.
– Fixed some issues related to Divi page builder.
– Fixed some issues related to external files in gallery.
– Fixed some issues related to units.

WPL4.8.1 (9/21/2020 revision 4880)
– Added new commands to IDX.
– Fixed some issue on Flex.
– Fixed some issues related Google Map.
– Fixed an issue regarding alt of images in carousel widget.
– Fixed issues after jQuery-migrate plugin removed from WordPress 5.5.
– Fixed an issue in deleting media files.
– Fixed some issues related to PHP7.4.

WPL4.8.0 (6/26/2020 revision 4829)
– Added phone placeholder to notifications.
– Added alt attribute to the map markers and info-window image.
– Added download image functionality to IDX.
– Added step and min attributes to price field in search form.
– Improved price text input.
– Improved min and max fields in search form.
– Improved location auto suggest in dbst wizard.
– Fixed an issue regarding upload.
– Fixed a conflict between Houzez open graph tags and WPL.
– Fixed some JavaScript issues.
– Fixed an issue on using Divi page builder in WPL.
– Fixed an issue in min/max area field in search form.
– Fixed an issue in WPL Links widget.
– Fixed a translation issue on HTML activity.
– Fixed some issues with default values of divi modules.
– Fixed some sitemap issues in WPL and Yoast SEO plugin.
– Fixed some issues in property show gallery activity.
– Fixed an issue in listing results activity.
– Fixed sort issue on different page builders.
– Fixed an issue with RSS links.

WPL4.7.0 (1/23/2020 revision 4737)
– [PRO] Added Listing Additional Activity.
– Added new functionality to load and show multiple URLs in Flex URL field.
– Added some new options to IDX wizard.
– Added some new features to have better index based on listings latitude and longitude.
– Added touch support for jQuery UI widgets.
– Added Space and Double Space separators for 3 digit.
– Added cancel subscription for IDX.
– Added some new features to Google map markers.
– Improved showing result when there is not any search result.
– Improved Google map, property listing map view styles.
– Improved properties table structure to make it faster.
– Improved tags visibility carousel.
– Removed the timezone function to fix conflicts with other plugins / themes.
– [PRO] Fixed an issue in UI customizer.
– [PRO] Fixed an issue in sitemap.
– Fixed issues caused by using recaptcha multiple times in a page.
– Fixed some PHP notices.
– Fixed an issue regarding to thumbnail styles.
– Fixed an issue in external image uploader.
– Fixed an issue in hot and featured property limit checker when current user is not WPL user.
– Fixed an issue in Visual Composer property listing module.
– Fixed some issues related to Divi builder.
– Fixed some issues on WPL forms.
– Fixed the issue of showing search result count on search widget.
– Fixed some issues on search result based on units.
– Fixed an issue in disabling zip level from Flex menu.
– Fixed an issue with min/max fields in search widget.
– Fixed some issues on listing gallery activity.
– Fixed issue of titles in compare page.
– Fixed some typos.
– Fixed some security issues.

WPL v4.6.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added multilingual feature for translating notifications.
– Added OSM Geocoding Server.
– Added an option to select geocoding server of WPL.
– Added advanced filtering system to WPL shortcode wizard.
– Fixed a wrong canonical link in property details and profile show pages.
– Fixed issue of unit switcher activity.
– Fixed an issue in separator of range type of number field in search widget.
– Fixed an issue in numbers of open dates activity.
– Fixed an issue in field creation.
– Fixed an issue in decimal format of unit fields in search widget.
– Fixed an issue in slug of properties in XML sitemap generator.
– Fixed an issue in text search of unit fields when user insert comma in the numbers.
– Fixed carousel slide interval if it wasn’t specify in the widget options.
– Fixed some style issues.

WPL v4.5.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added compare shortcode.
– Added IDX agent mapping on configuration step.
– Improved some WPL features to avoid duplicate queries.
– Improved IDX feature matching.
– Fixed a search issue on map view link when map is hidden in list and grid views.
– Fixed issue of slider pagination styles.
– Fixed an issue in PDF flyer.
– Fixed an issue in minimized price.
– Fixed an issue in search widget when division is too low for price.

WPL v4.4.2 change logs
– [PRO] Added Payfast payment gateway.
– Removed Google+ options.
– Fixed issue of info-window.
– Fixed an issue in google map hits calculation.
– Fixed an issue in Divi builder compatibility.
– Fixed an issue in user registration in multi sites.
– Fixed an issue on payment gateway sorts.
– Fixed an issue in payment gateway comment.
– Fixed an issue in paypal subscription payment.
– Fixed a cache issue on favorites widget.
– Fixed issue of showing disabled options in feature fields.
– Fixed open graph type warning.
– Fixed an issue in showing locations from unpublished listings in multiselect dropdown type.
– Fixed an issue in search widget element of Elementor.
– Fixed some typos.

WPL v4.4.1 change logs
– Improved WPL import and finalize functions.
– Fixed a conflict between Yoast plugin for Open Graph and Twitter tags.
– Fixed an issue in multilingual websites.
– Fixed lazy loading issue on scroll pagination.

WPL v4.4.0 change logs
– Added Elementor page builder compatibility.
– Added compatibility with WordPress translation project.
– Added maximum daily usage for Google Maps activities.
– Added “If Zero” option to the free version.
– Added agent option in similar properties feature of carousel widget.
– Added default order for sort options.
– [PRO] Fixed email type (image or text) in pdf layout of the agent_info activity.
– Fixed an issue in video activity.
– Fixed issue of blank space after clicking image in infowindow.
– Fixed issue of empty price in mortgage calculator activity.
– Fixed an issue in showing locations.
– Fixed ordering issue on upload of images.
– Fixed a mandatory issue on upload fields.
– Fixed issue of multi-image carousel when one image is set.
– Fixed an issue in initializing google maps in Add / Edit listing.
– Fixed issue of hiding map switcher whenever the map activity is disabled.

WPL v4.3.2 change logs
– Fixed an IDX issue.

WPL v4.3.1 change logs
– Fixed some issues.

WPL v4.3.0 change logs
– Added ability to show agent email in plain text instead of image.
– Improvements on WPL divi modules.
– Applied some optimizations.
– Fixed some issues on PDF flyer.
– Fixed an issue in sort options.
– Fixed an apostrophe character issue on location names.
– Fixed some UI issues.

WPL v4.2.1 change logs
– Removed overview control from map activities due to removing it from Google Maps API.
– Fixed some issues.

WPL v4.2.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added an option to change sort option view to list/dropdown.
– [PRO] Added “Hierarchical Dropdown” and “Hierarchical Multiple Dropdown” methods for location field.
– [PRO] Added “Listing Expiration” feature.
– Added Right to left feature.
– Added redirect feature to property listing page when no listing found.
– Improved image lazy loading.
– Fixed an issue in “Request a Visit” and “Send to Friend” forms.
– Fixed some issues on search widget.
– Fixed an issue in property finalize.
– Fixed an issue in geolocation feature.
– Fixed column field issue in divi modules.
– Fixed a UTF-8 language issue on PDF flyer.

WPL v4.1.0 change logs
– [PRO] Fixed a date modification issue on sitemap feature.
– Added location settings per dbst field to disable / enable different levels and also change the sort on listing details pages.
– Added an option to enable / disable property visits in property listings view.
– Added a lazy loading feature for WPL Carousel widget and some of gallery activities.
– Added Google recaptcha feature for WPL Forms.
– Improved the WPL unit manager.
– Improved the WPL runtime.
– Fixed an issue with listing ID search in location text search method.
– Fixed sitemap issue on yoast plugin.
– Fixed an issue regarding location searches on multilingual websites.
– Fixed an issue in property stats activity.
– Fixed some issues.

WPL v4.0.3 change logs
– Improved IDX feature.
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v4.0.2 change logs
– Some improvements on IDX feature.
– Fixed some issues.

WPL v4.0.1 change logs
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v4.0.0 change logs
– Added an advanced IDX system.
– Added WPL Presentation Tour.
– Added an advanced map markers / pins system.
– Added a new API key for Google Maps.
– Added location abbreviation to the location patterns.
– Added geolocation functionality to property listing.
– Added a feature to override listing type in similar properties of carousel widget.
– Added a new layout for carousel widget.
– Optimized location search.
– Improved functionality of reset button of search widget.
– Improved internal help tabs on all pages.
– Fixed an issue in property details page when WordPress jetpack plugin is activated.
– Fixed an issue in page builders related to search widget.
– Fixed an issue with property title in RSS.
– Fixed an issue regarding showing bathrooms instead of parkings.
– Fixed some security issues thanks to Bikramaditya Guha report.

WPL v3.5.1 change logs
– Fixed some issues on VC and Divi builder compatibilities.
– Fixed a Divi conflict.
– Fixed an issue in showing Price Request form.
– Fixed some issues regarding images on WPL notifications.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v3.5.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added ability to disable/enable auto conversion for area and min/max area fields.
– Added Divi page builder compatibility.
– Added Visual Composer compatibility.
– Added Avada Theme compatibility.
– Added Be Theme compatibility.
– Added Bridge Theme compatibility.
– Added Divi Theme compatibility.
– Added Enfold Theme compatibility.
– Added Genesis Theme compatibility.
– Added X Theme compatibility.
– Added Google Maps Widget.
– Added Google Maps display option in order hide the map by default.
– Added reset button to search widget.
– Added Array and Multi-Select field types.
– Added a cron-job command for running all WPL cron-jobs in order to speed up the process.
– Added a feature for disabling/enabling or changing label of ASC/DESC sort options from WPL backend.
– Added a Multi-Select dropdown search type for Location fields.
– Added property type category management for adding new/editing existing categories.
– Added category field in Add/Edit Listing menu and connect it to Property type field.
– Added tool-tips for most of WPL frontend icons.
– Improved WPL SEO by adding micro-data to the WPL pages.
– Improved search widget style and functionality.
– Improved database queries by adjusting table indexes.
– Optimized WPL front-end part.
– Optimized Sort by Listing ID.
– Optimized Location Search method of WPL in order to speed up the search queries.
– Removed some duplicate queries.
– Removed useless assets from WPL front-end in order to speed it up.
– Fixed some User Interface issues.
– Fixed an issue in target page of the search widget.
– Fixed a duplicate tel and email issue on agent activity.
– Fixed extra comma issue on WPL location text search.
– Fixed an issue on sorting locations.

WPL v3.3.1 change logs
– Fixed some minor issues.

WPL v3.3.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added advanced property types and listing types sort options.
– [PRO] Added “Horizontal Layout” for “Add/Edit Listing” menu.
– [PRO] Added customizable energy tag levels to energy tag activity.
– [PRO] Added Price Rebate feature.
– [PRO] Added a new view switcher for property listings and profile/agent listings views.
– [PRO] Added a new option to disable/enable mouse-over effect of images on listing pages.
– [PRO] Improved unit switcher widget.
– [PRO] Improved WPL update notification system.
– Added “Category Manager” feature in WPL Flex menu in order to add new data categories or manage existing categories.
– Added zip-code option in “Similar Properties” feature of carousel widget.
– Added “Advanced Location Text Search” method into location options of search widget.
– Added new widget area at the bottom of property listing page.
– Added property type specific and listing type specific options for separator fields.
– Added “Media Confirm” feature for enabling confirm icon on media tabs of Add/Edit listing.
– Added an ability to import sample properties into the WPL.
– Added boolean field to supported field types in search widget.
– Added ability to place WPL main page as a child page under a parent page.
– Added “Field Specific” feature to “Add/Edit Listing” and “Search Widget”.
– Added ability to filter listings on carousel widget by location.
– Added ability to automatically convert area values to Acre and Hectare if the value is high.
– Added an option to change multiple marker icon.
– Improved WPL I/O.
– Improved UI and UX on mobile devices.
– Improved SEO on WPL views.
– Fixed some issues of send to friend feature.
– Fixed converting none WPL images to place-holders issue in notification manager menu.
– Fixed some issues on WPL PDF Flyer.
– Fixed location text search issue on profile/agent listing page.
– Fixed an issue for saving date fields in user profile menu.
– Fixed some issue on datetime field type.
– Fixed some English errors.
– Fixed issue of printing \” or \’ in the notification emails.

WPL v3.2.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added clone feature for listings.
– [PRO] Some enhancements for currency switcher such as compatibility with search widget.
– Added SEO patterns section to SEO category of WPL Settings.
– Added ability to insert different SEO patterns per kind and also per property type.
– Added ability to sort select field options in the Flex edit screen.
– Added new maintenance options.
– Added remove all images/attachments at once to Add/Edit listing menu.
– Enhanced WPL cache clearing feature.
– Fixed Google Maps API key issue.
– Fixed some translation and multilingual issues.
– Fixed some UI issues.
– Fixed some date/time issues.

WPL v3.1.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added new layout for the property details page.
– [PRO] Added currency switcher widget and activity.
– [PRO] Added MultiSafePay gateway to payment gateways.
– [PRO] Added interface compatibility with Bridge theme.
– Added ability to insert different price ranges for sale and rental listings into the search widget.
– Added help tab to all of WPL menus.
– Added pattern for property page title.
– Fixed issue of loading location levels in “My profile” page.
– Fixed marker icon up-loader issue.
– Fixed some translation issues.
– Fixed some encoding issues.
– Fixed some UI issues.

WPL v3.0.1 change logs
– Fixed profile image/logo uploader issue.
– Fixed an encoding issue.
– Fixed some UI issues.

WPL v3.0.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added “view shortcode” button for all WPL widgets.
– [PRO] Added dropdown search type for location fields.
– [PRO] Added pagination for WPL sitemap feature.
– [PRO] Added sitemap integrity with “Yoast SEO” and “All in one SEO pack” plugins.
– [PRO] Added print feature for WPL listings page.
– [PRO] Added location auto suggest for text fields of locations in Add/Edit listing menu.
– [PRO] Added compare feature for comparing favorited listings.
– [PRO] Fixed WPML language switcher.
– Added an option for specifying Google Maps zoom-level for Add/Edit listing page.
– Added integrity for WPL events and filters with WordPress events and filters API.
– Added new notification for adding new listings.
– Added ability to add WPL fields to available sort options.
– Added daily sync for updating WPL currency exchanges.
– Added some compatibilities with PHP7.
– Improved units manager of WPL.
– Improved WPL language.
– Improved WPL security.
– Improved WPL notification system to be more integrated with WordPress mail plugins.
– Fixed an issue on sorting WPL fields for more than 100 fields.
– Fixed an issue on generating property geopoint.
– Fixed an issue adding/updating zipcodes on location manager menu.
– Fixed issue of WPL uploader on windows servers.
– Fixed some responsive issues.
– Fixed walkscore responsive issue.
WPL v2.8.0 change logs
– [PRO] Fixed AJAX search issue for Min/Max slider.
– [PRO] Fixed QR barcode issue in PDF flyer.
– [PRO] Fixed some issues in walkscore activity.
– Added “between” search type for numeric fields.
– Added single and multiple search type for feature fields.
– Added captcha compatibility for WPL contact forms.
– Improved tablet responsive size in WPL.
– Improved mobile responsive size in WPL.
– Fixed responsive issues on WPL views.
– Fixed some PHP notices and minor issues.

WPL v2.7.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added “PDF Flyer” option to WPL fields and WPL data categories.
– Added new marker icon-set.
– Added request a visit from in links activity.
– Added send to friend from in links activity.
– Added linkedin share feature in links activity.
– Added new gallery layout for single property page named “pshow_modern”.
– Fixed shortcode wizard issue on some websites.
– Fixed conditional images URL issue.

WPL v2.6.1 change logs
– Fixed WPL UI customizer SCSS issue.
– Fixed property images issue on the listings pages.
– Fixed external images issue on favorites widget.
– Fixed multilingual issue of property description in PDF flyer.

WPL v2.6.0 change logs
– [PRO] Enhanced WPL custom style by adding code editor.
– [PRO] Added “more_details” field type.
– Added CSS class option for all WPL widgets.
– Fixed a conflict with WPML plugin.
– Fixed a decimal issue on price rendering.
– Fixed some multilingual issues.

WPL v2.5.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added UI Customizer.
– Fixed some style issues and PDF name issue in PDF flyer.
– Fixed some issues in Location Text search.

WPL v2.4.6 change logs
– Fixed Listing ID issue on carousel widget.
– Fixed sort issue on listing pages.

WPL v2.4.5 change logs
– Added discard button in add new listing menu.
– Updated Realtyna JS libraries such as light-box library.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v2.4.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added Import/Export feature to settings menu.
– [PRO] Added RSS feature for listings.
– [PRO] Revised PDF feature and adding some settings for PDF feature.
– [PRO] Added WPL log Manager.
– Fixed an issue on loading plugin language file.
– Fixed zoom issue in map of listing wizard.
– Fixed some issues on location text search.
– Fixed backslash issue.
– linked Listing ID to single property page in some notifications.

WPL v2.3.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added Report Abuse feature.
– Added entity support for WPL search widget.
– Added List/Grid feature for agent/profile listing pages.
– Added Google API key.
– Added fill type feature for carousel widget.
– Fixed profile show issue.
– Fixed backslash issue on property description.
– Fixed some design issues.

WPL v2.2.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added Multilingual support for property alias and property location texts.
– Developed multiple Google map marker.
– New look for WPL search widget.
– New look for WPL dashboard.
– New look for date picker.
– Developed new WPL lightbox.
– Fixed an issue on editing feature field parameters.

WPL v2.1.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added online payments system.
– [PRO] Added Multilingual support for meta description and meta keywords fields.
– Added ability to define feature field type options.
– Fixed an issue in creating new listing types.
– Fixed some tiny design issues.

WPL v2.0.3 change logs
– Added search form on manage users menu.
– Enhanced WPL form generation speed.
– Fixed some translation issues.
– Fixed PNG watermark issue.

WPL v2.0.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added full multilingual support.
– Added List/Grid switcher to property listing page.
– Added Pattern for property alias.
– Added map type feature for Google map.
– Added mouseover feature for map markers.
– Added overview option for Google map.
– Added slide interval time option to carousel widget.
– Enhanced WPL notification system.
– Fixed an issue on scroll pagination.

WPL v1.9.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added Scroll pagination.
– Added layout option in shortcode wizard.
– Added category query types for searching on listings by categories.
– Added if zero feature to text field type.
– Fixed some issues related to property page title and property title fields.
– Fixed a label/placeholder issue on search widget.

WPL v1.8.8 change logs
– [PRO] Added hide address feature.
– Added Boolean field type.
– Fixed some issues on watermark feature.
– Make latitude and longitude editable.

WPL v1.8.5 change logs
– [PRO] Added Google auto suggest to search widget location options.
– [PRO] Added map layout for carousel widget.
– Fixed some issues on multisite installation.
– Fixed an issue on creating location levels.
– Fixed some issue on elastic layout of carousel widget.
– Fixed an issue on open house feature.

WPL v1.8.3 change logs
– [PRO] WYSIWYG Editor for property description and text-area fields.
– SEO optimizations for WPL core.
– Added twitter meta tags on single property page.
– Added location abbreviation in location manager for importer add-ons.
– Fixed an issue in WPL light-box.
– Fixed an issue for showing specified fields on single property page.
– Fixed some issues on rooms feature.

WPL v1.8.1 change logs
– Added Similar properties feature to WPL carousel widget.
– Fixed shortcode wizard iframe issue.
– Fixed some interface issues.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v1.8.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added sitemap feature for WPL items (Listings/Agents).
– [PRO] Added Dublin Core meta tags for SEO purposes.
– [PRO] Added an ability for hiding a numeric field when its value is zero.
– [PRO] Added Call for price feature when the price sets to zero.
– Added user contact activity.
– Fixed an issue on WPL SEF.
– Added price options to WPL shortcode wizard.
– Added WPL plugin links in WordPress plugin manager.

WPL v1.7.7 change logs
– [PRO] Geo meta tag support is added for SEO purposes.
– [PRO] Italian and Serbian language files are added.
– Fixed some issues on WPL kinds.
– Added separators for setting fields.
– Fixed an issue on Widgets name and description.
– Updated WPL language files.

WPL v1.7.5 change logs
– Fixed an issue on notification content.
– Fixed an issue on showing property neighborhoods.
– Updated WPL font icons.
– Added open graph meta tags to the single property page.

WPL v1.7.4 change logs
– Fixed an issue on notification content.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v1.7.3 change logs
– [PRO] Added ability to insert meta key and meta description manually for SEO purposes.
– Fixed an issue on file uploaders.
– Fixed an issue in WPL SEF links.
– Fixed an issue in removing unfinalized properties.

WPL v1.7.1 change logs
– Added a new feature for removing user thumbnails after uploading new profile picture or company logo.
– Fixed some tiny issues on search widget and single property page.

WPL v1.7.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added favorites widget.
– Added notification manager menu.
– Added contact agent activity.
– Added mailto feature for agent info activity.
– Some enhancements for WPL SEF.
– Fixed some PHP notices and tiny issues.

WPL v1.6.0 change logs
– Updated language file with new keywords.
– Fixing an issue in Listing Wizard menu for fetching Geo point from Google servers.

WPL v1.5.9 change logs
– Fixed auto complete style issue.
– Updated language file with new keywords.
– Fixed a Google map issue in listing wizard.
– Added a feature for updating Geo point.

WPL v1.5.8 change logs
– Added location field in shortcode wizard.
– Added single property page and search widget handler for Flex fields.
– Fixed some issues in search widget.

WPL v1.5.7 change logs
– Added new keywords to language file.
– Fixed a responsive issue on single property gallery.

WPL v1.5.6 change logs
– Added street view feature to Googlemap activity.
– Added a feature for resetting other search fields after inserting Listing ID.
– Added a reset link to listing manager search widget.
– Fixed finalize button issue on listing wizard menu.
– Fixed an issue in location select boxes in search widget.

WPL v1.5.4 change logs
– Fixed an issue in owl_slider layout of carousel widget.
– Fixed a js issue on WPL frontend.

WPL v1.5.3 change logs
– [PRO] Added WPL widget loader (shortcode for widgets).
– Added new options for deleting property types and listing types.
– Fixed some issues in gallery activity.
– Added new keywords to language file.

WPL v1.5.1 change logs
– Added resize handler to gallery activity.
– Fixed an issue on agents widget.

WPL v1.5.0 change logs
– [PRO] Added energy tag feature.
– Added property description to the text search by default.
– Fixed some issues on user manager menu.

WPL v1.4.8 change logs
– Hide currency field when there is just one active currency on search widget.
– Added a feature for editing agents profile by admin.
– Added a search form on listing manager page.
– Fixed an issue on WPL bxslider.
– Fixed some responsive issues.
– Updated WPL fonts.

WPL v1.4.5 change logs
– [PRO] Added Walkscore activity.
– Fixed image size issue on listing pages.
– Added property title field and use this field instead of default property title in listings, single property and  carousel widget.
– Added URL field type.
– Added a new sidebar in property listing page.
– Added WPL icon for WPL menu.

WPL v1.4.3 change logs
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v1.4.2 change logs
– Fixed an issue on search widget.
– Fixed a style issue on WPL frontend.

WPL v1.4.1 change logs
– Fixed javascript tmpl file issue with IIS and windows servers.
– Fixed text search issue for locations.
– Fixed an id conflict issue on widgets.

WPL v1.4.0 change logs
– Fixed some CSS issues on carousel widget.
– Fixed image crop issue.

WPL v1.3.9 change logs
– Added simple layouts to carousel and agents widgets.
– Added Hectare to WPL units.
– Trigger some events using WPL events API for notifications and logs.
– Fixed specifications issue on Flex menu.
– Removed useless CSS and CSS style options from flex edit screen.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v1.3.7 change logs
– Fixed an issue in search widget layout.
– Cleanup on assets directory and some clean coding on js codes.
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v1.3.5 change logs
– Fixed a user access issue.
– Fixed a tiny style issue on WPL light-boxes.

WPL v1.3.4 change logs
– Fixed container class issue on property listing and profile listing.
– Fixed no image font issue.
– Fixed an issue in profile show page.

WPL v1.3.3 change logs
– Added company logo and company information in agent info activity.
– Added random option in agents widget.
– Tweaked listing links activity styles.
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v1.3.2 change logs
– Fixed manual property title issue.
– Fixed some issues on activity manager.
– W3C compatible.

WPL v1.3.0 change logs
– Compatible with WordPress 3.9
– Fixed some js conflicts about requirejs.
– Added change user feature in listing manager.
– Fixed an issue about rendering datetime.

WPL v1.2.6 change logs
– Added 2 default sidebars to WPL.
– Changing property price position in listings page.
– Fixed an style issue on single property page.
– Fixed listing address issue on front-end.

WPL v1.2.3 change logs
– Fixed thumbnail overlaying issue on property gallery.
– Make the rooms, bedrooms and price type fields editable.

WPL v1.2.2 change logs
– Fixed an issue in property listing for showing commercial property rooms.
– Fixed some PHP notices.
– Fixed my profile image upload issue.

WPL v1.2.0 change logs
– Added agents widget for showing agents on front-end.
– Fixing some plugin-check plugin warnings.
– Added new layout to carousel widget.
– Fixing some issues when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is enabled on MySQL server.
– Fixing deleting field issue.

WPL v1.1.6 change logs
– Added target page feature for linking WPL menus together.
– Added image and thumbnail sizes for carousel module.
– Added target page to search and carousel widget.
– Added external image feature in PRO version.
– Added profile show shortcode.
– Fixed some PHP notices on PHP5.4

WPL v1.1.3 change logs
– Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL v1.1.2 change logs
– Added charts activity.
– Added a new shortcode for showing my profile view on frontend.
– Fixed some PHP notices.
– Fixed an issue in flex menu about saving the fields.

WPL v1.0.9 change logs
– Fixed some tiny issues.
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v1.0.8 change logs
– Fixed sort image/attachments/video issue on Add/Edit listing.
– Fixed some upgrade issues.

WPL v1.0.7 change logs
– Added requirements and maintenance view on settings menu.
– Added documentation and support section into WPL dashboard.
– Fixed some PHP notices.
– Fixed an issue in PHP5.2!

WPL v1.0.5 change logs
– Fixed some issues.
– Fixed a security issue.

WPL v1.0.4 change logs
– Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL v1.0.3 change logs
– Fixed some PHP notices.
– Fixed an issue on shortcode wizard.

WPL v1.0.2 change logs
– Some minor issues are fixed.

WPL v1.0.1 change logs
– Lightbox issue is fixed.

WPL v1.0.0 change logs
– Flex add-on is added.
– Location system is added.
– Property Listing, Property Show, Profile/Agent Listing and Profile/Agent Show short-codes is added.
– Search widget and carousel widget are added.
– WPL SEF service is added.