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Customization Projects

  • Feature development
  • Customized/Exclusive designs
  • Integration into third party application,
    software or website

Realtyna’s real estate platforms (WPL and its add-ons) are dynamic, flexible, powerful and very feature-rich.  They can be setup straight away as an out of the box solution for building a simple to the most sophisticated real estate website and portal. This is the case for almost 95% of our clients.

However, if you have very specific design or functionality requirements which are not available in the standard version of our products, you can still achieve them through ordering a customization project from Realtyna such as:

  • Feature development
  • Customized/exclusive designs
  • Integration into third party applications, software or websites

Realtyna uses this agile system when approaching and handling customization projects.

No matter how simple or complicated your desired feature is, Realtyna platforms are so solid and powerful that you can easily rely on them to achieve your specific requirements without compromising the quality. We, the Realtyna Team, are very confident and fast in delivering any project, easy or complicated, with high quality assurance, reasonable cost and the shortest possible time.

A great advantage of Realtyna handling your customization projects is that we add the required codes to the core of our products. This keeps your products standard. Standard versions, unlike the custom versions, are able to receive automatic updates and remain under our standard support coverage, resulting in a huge cost-effectiveness in the long run.


Realtyna customization projects life-cycle: