Customization Projects

  • Feature development
  • Customized/Exclusive designs
  • Integration into third party application,
    software or website

Realtyna’s® real estate platform (our WPL WordPress Plugin and its add-ons) is dynamic, flexible, powerful and feature rich. It can be set up quickly as an out-of-the-box solution for building a sophisticated real estate website and portal. This is the case for almost 95% of our clients.

However, if you have a special design or functionality requirement that’s not available in the standard version of our product, we offer you one of two options:

  • The most popular option for our clients is to order a customization project with Realtyna®.
    There is no one more familiar with our WPL WordPress plugin than us. Our expertise allows us, in most cases, to quickly and easily complete feature developments, exclusive designs, third-party integrations and other work to fit our client’s needs.Realtyna® uses this agile approach to all customization projects.

    Another advantage to a customization project with Realtyna® is that we are able to make the necessary core changes to keep your products standard. This will keep your website qualified for automatic updates and support which is highly cost-effective in the long-run.
  • Another option is to take advantage of our suite of open-licensed products.
    We realize some of our clients have the experience to do custom work themselves. That’s totally fine with us!We have dozens of tools built into our interface to help you personalize your website exactly the way you want. We’ve also kept our design layer flexible so you can change the aesthetics of your site while continuing to receive support and updates.If you are a web developer, or you are working with one, you should know that we offer all of our software under open source licenses. We offer this as a courtesy to our customers as it’s part of our commitment to having the most flexible real estate web products available.WPL Basic, our free WordPress plugin, is offered under the GNU General Public License (GPL), one of the strongest copyleft software licenses available.WPL Pro, our professional, paid version of the plugin, is offered under the GNU Lesser General Public Licenses (LGPL).Our add-ons, which include some proprietary code, are available under hybrid licenses.Just note that once one of our products is modified by you or your developer, we can no longer provide updates or support.

We are 100% committed to our clients and feel the only way to achieve this is by having the best and most flexible product suite available.
Call or email us today if you think a customization project with Realtyna® or one of our open-licensed products might be right for you!

Realtyna® customization projects life-cycle: