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WPL Add-ons Changelog

Advance Portal Search Add-on

APS Add-on v2.2.0 change logs
– Added landing page generator.
– Improved compatibility of normal radius search and APS radius search.

APS Add-on v2.0.0 change logs
– Added bing map activity
– Added “next” / “previous” / “back to search results” links as a new activity to listing details page
– Added suggestion search to search options
– Added property preview option to Google maps activity

APS Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– APS add-on v1.0.0 is released

Booking Add-on

Booking Add-on v1.4.0 change logs
– Fixed an issue in calculation price and date.

Booking Add-on v1.3.0 change logs
– Optimized some codes

Booking Add-on v1.2.0 change logs
– Added label for inquire button in booking details (front end)
– Fixed some issues for show empty fields of cancellation and pet policies
– Added contact owner feature in the Booking Activity
– Fixed some issues.

Booking Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Booking add-on v1.0.0 is released

Complex Add-on

Complex Add-on v2.6.0 change logs
– Added boolean field to support field types in search widget.
– Adding new widget area at the bottom of complex listing.

Complex Add-on v2.5.0 change logs
– Developed integration with WPL Importer and WPL MLS addons

Complex Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Complex add-on v1.0.0 is released

CRM add-on

CRM Add-on v2.0.0 change logs
– Reordered CRM settings
– Fixed some UI issues
– Fixed an issue in showing CRM Reminders
– Fixed an issue in showing events in calendar

CRM Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– CRM v1.0.0 is released

Demographic Add-on

Demographic Add-on v2.1.0 change logs
– Added show/hide marker feature for listings.
– Improved some functions to have higher speed.

Demographic Add-on v2.0.0 change logs
– Fixed Google Maps API issue

Demographic Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Demographic add-on v1.0.0 is released

Importer Add-on

Importer Add-on v2.8.0 change logs
– Added a new notification to send after finishing import process.
– Added a feature for disabling the re-download of the images in importer add-on.
– Fixed an issue related to saving gallery images.
– Fixed an issue in date fields.
– Fixed a PHP notice.

Importer Add-on v2.0.0 change logs
– Developed integrity with WPL neighborhoods and complex addons
– Integrated with WPL multi agents addon
– Fixed some issues

Importer Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Importer add-on v1.0.0 is released

Exporter Add-on

Exporter Add-on v2.2.0 change logs
– Include Listing ID into the Trulia and Zillow feeds even if it’s disabled for details page.

Exporter Add-on v2.1.0 change logs
– Optimized some codes

Exporter Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Exporter add-on v1.0.0 is released

Membership Add-on

Membership Add-on v2.2.0 change logs
– Include Listing ID into the Trulia and Zillow feeds even if it’s disabled for details page.

Membership Add-on v2.1.0 change logs
– Added “Mandatory Popup” option to “Details Page Registration” option.

Membership Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Membership add-on v1.0.0 is released.

MLS integration Add-on

MLS Add-on v2.7.0 change logs
– Added Get Google GEO Cordinators option to get the Google latitude&longitude of each property address in the MLS addon.
– Added “Value to Value” mapping option.
– Added the purge listing functionality into a separate cronjob.
– Added a new version of PHRETS library.


MLS Add-on v2.5.0 change logs
– Developed compatibility with Neighborhood and Complex addons
– Added an option for removing thumbnails after update.

MLS Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– MLS add-on v1.0.0 is released.

Agent Mapping Add-on

MLS Agents Mapping Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– MLS Agents Mapping add-on v1.0.0 is released

Mortgage Calculator Add-on

Mortgage Calculator Add-on v1.5.0 change logs
– Hide mortgage calculator activity for rental listings.

Mortgage Calculator Add-on v1.4.0 change logs
– Optimized some codes.

Mortgage Calculator Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Mortgage Calculator add-on v1.0.0 is released.

Multi Agent Add-on

Multi Agents Add-on v2.0.0 change logs
– Multi Agents add-on v1.0.0 is released with possibility to assign additional agents to a certain listing.
– Enhanced listing contact activity to send the contact form to all agents

Multi Agents Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Multi Agents add-on v1.0.0 is released

Neighborhood Add-on

Neighborhood Add-on v1.7.0 change logs
– Added a feature for showing listings based on neighborhood boundaries.
– Added ability to remove shapes on listing wizard menu.
– Making neighborhood title to be a link.
– Added neighborhood columns count settings.
– Adding text to listing view switcher.

Neighborhood Add-on v1.5.0 change logs
– Developed integrity with WPL MLS and WPL Importer addons.

Neighborhood Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Neighborhoods add-on v1.0.0 is released.

Optimizer Add-on

Optimizer Add-on v1.3.0 change logs
– Enhanced some codes

Optimizer Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Optimizer add-on v1.0.0 is released

Review Add-on

Review Add-on v1.4.0 change logs
– Fixed some English errors.

Review Add-on v1.3.0 change logs
– Enhanced some codes

Review Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– Review add-on v1.0.0 is released

School Info Add-on

School Info Add-on v1.6.0 change logs
– Fixed some English errors.

School Info Add-on v1.5.0 change logs
– Added tab layout for categorizing schools based on their type on single property page
– Enhanced some codes

School Info Add-on v1.0.0 change logs
– School Info add-on v1.0.0 is released