Data Feed Integration

Data feed integration gives your website thousands of valid and fresh property listings in a matter of a few days. Organic data feed integration means bringing listings from a third party property portal directly to your website database. This is similar to MLS RETS Integration, but this method uses a different technology and has different rules and regulations.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Increasing the time users spend on your website, resulting in a higher SEO ranking
  • Increasing the conversion ratio of the website visitors to leads/potential clients (Buyers and Sellers)
  • Indexing more dynamic pages resulting in a higher SEO ranking
  • Increasing the credibility of your website

The first step in integrating the data feed into your Realtyna-based website is selecting a source. Each region/country has one or more major property portals with hundreds of thousands or even millions of property listings.  So first you should identify the sources closest to your area of activity.

Secondly, you should verify if your selected source provides third party websites with an XML feed. In simple words, you should find out if your selected source allows third party websites to re-publish its listings. If you are lucky and your desired source does provide an XML feed, you can contact Realtyna® for evaluating the feed as well as the cost and ETA of the integration.

There are some popular portals that we already support.

Portal Country Integration Cost
Listhub USA (BLM)UK$950 UK $950 Australia $1150 Australia $1150

For any other data source, please contact us