What is MLS API?

MLS API is a service that allows you to pull listings from Realtyna’s cached servers straight to your own website, simply by a flexible feed. This is done through a technology called an API, or Application Programming Interface. Previously, real estate website and IDX providers were one and the same. But now, you are able to build your website around your IDX feed, or vice versa.


MLS API makes it possible to make data calls for MLS listings automatically, and integrate this feed on any platform. With this solution, you have the power to control the complete integration of your IDX, from search functionality and design to the platform you want to use.


MLS API allows you to read data from the API servers limiting your hosting burden significantly, while still maintaining high accuracy and speed.This makes for a custom, fast, and depending on how you implement, SEO friendly experience for your MLS feed.  

Build fast customizable websites/apps with improved SEO using API

The Benefits of MLS API

We know it is necessary to have listings on a real estate website
because home buyers want to be able to search for all properties in one place. Plain and simple. Real estate professionals and developers, however, want flexibility and control over how their website works. With MLS API, you have this full control.
  • Compatible with any platform.
  • Full Data of Listings
  • Daily Updates
  • Build a website around your feed or place your feed into an already developed site
  • Highly customizable website options.
  • Replace MySQL database with the direct API connection
  • Low hosting burden and low monthly cost
  • Ability to build native mobile apps based on the API connection without server side hosting.

Who Can Use MLS API?

This solution is designed for those with a technical background, or want a more custom solution for your website, while still being SEO friendly. We currently cover some of the largest MLS in the country, and adding more each week. Contact us to see if we cover your MLS or to request it!

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