Server Optimization Services

  • Create a property portal
  • Improve load times
  • Capture more leads

Websites with connections to multiple MLS can host 50,000 listings or more.

The breadth and variety of listings can broaden your lead base. But the data load also can slow your website.


With Realtyna’s Service Optimization Services you can scale up your business without sacrificing load times.

basic-iconBasic Package


Our base package covers the most common server configurations.


Our experienced technicians will:


  • Arrange Cache Server (on dedicated servers)
  • Upgrade to NGINX
  • Install PHP 8 and Optimize PHP Settings
  • Improve Database Engine
  • Database Clean up and Optimization

AdvancedAdvanced Package


Under our advanced package, we will access your server and provide a detailed optimization plan customized to your setup.

Leads leave slow sites.

Sever Optimization Services can improve your load times and keep your leads browsing.