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MLS Agent Mapping

MLS Agent Mapping automatically assigns
your agents' MLS listings to them

  • Unlimited Number of Agents
  • Daily Synchronizations with MLS
  • Automatically Assign Leads to Agents *
  • The right agent's business card will appear in the listing details page
  • Agent's Contact Info On Each Listing Page
* The agent profile must be first added to the website.

This add-on is useful for Broker companies with more than 10 agents, especially when new agents leave / join regularly. The MLS Agent Mapping add-on, adds a special field to the agent profiles, where they can enter their Agent ID / Broker ID with the MLS Provider. The result will be that all the MLS listings belonging to that agent ID will be assigned to the same agent automatically on your website. This means that the agent’s business card and picture will appear on the property details page. In addition if a prospect fills up the contact form on the property details page, the message will be directly sent to the agent representing the listing.