Data Feed Generator
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Data Feed Generator

  • Increasing the time users spend on your website
  • Increasing the conversion ratio of the website
  • Indexing more dynamic pages resulting in a higher SEO ranking
  • Increasing the credibility of your website

Publishing your listings on your own website is a necessity.  When dollars are spent on marketing your listings, you are also hoping to capture buyer/seller leads.  If your listings are not on your website you can lose those valuable leads to your competitors.

The end goal of the real estate business is closing more deals. The more visibility a property gets, the higher the chance of finding a potential client. This is when generating a feed and submitting your listings to popular portals is very useful.

Using Realtyna’s® XML Feed Generator, you can generate an XML feed for syndication to other portals. This is something that cannot be done with one click. You need to follow the XML schema of the third party portal  for them to accept your feed. Realtyna® has created an XML schema for popular real estate portals globally that are available ‘almost’ out of the box.

Portal Country Price USA $750 USA $750 USA $1250 UK $850 UK $850
WPL Supports Australia $950 Australia $950
Other portals? contact us