Zapier | Easy Automation Tool
for Your Real Estate Business

  • Easily connect MailChimp, ClickFunnel,
    SalesForce, Hubspot CRM and more
  • Automate time consuming tasks
  • Link your systems together
  • Keep the data consistent across
    all the applications that you’re using
  • Receive swift automatic updates
    when there is any change of data

This is why we are introducing our new Zapier add-on

This is why we are introducing our new Zapier add-on



Zapier add-on is a tool, that saves time by serving as an automated intermediary between myriads of applications out there. With the help of Zapier add-on you can transfer your data easily and smoothly from one application to the other. Zapier add-on can be made compatible with dozens of applications. Better yet? It makes swift automatic updates when there is any change of data, so that you won’t ever have to worry about information accuracy.


Zapier add-on is very similar to a mathematical function, meaning, any change in explanatory variable will automatically cause a change in response variable.


Data transfer does not require coding of any kind as the whole process from the initiation to the very end is kept simple. After all, that’s exactly how user-friendly web-based services should be.

Zapier Add-on in Action

Zapier Add-on works by creating triggers within the WPL System. Once one of these triggers is met, the add-on executes an action. With Zapier Add-on, new CRM contact is the primary trigger. Whenever this new entry occurs, the add-on automatically sends user information to Salesforce / ClickFunnel / MailChimp, allowing you to merge contact lists and lead management functions.

Event has happened

System is triggered

Relevant action
is being taken


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