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Yelp Integration

Yelp Integration

Show Points of Interest Nearby
on Property Details Page

Why Do You Need Yelp Integration?

Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase of interest in neighborhood intelligence, especially with more younger buyers entering the market. Buyers want as much information as possible, and much of the time, points of interest nearby play a big role in the decision to buy in a certain area. Having these points of interest listed on your property details page will add this layer of convenience and credibility to your site.


What Is Yelp Integration?

Yelp Integration allows you to automatically pull places of interests from Yelp and show them on individual property pages. The add-on will automatically filter through the places and list those that are nearest to the listing. This way, under each listing, you will also have a list of the closest restaurants and businesses, their yelp rating, and proximity.

What Are the Features & Benefits of Yelp Integration?



  • Integrate Yelp Ratings
  • Filter the businesses by category and/or price level
  • Set the default number of businesses shown
  • Choose unit of measure



  • Provide Neighborhood Intelligence
  • Encourage viewers to stay on your page longer
  • Convert viewers into leads
  • Convenience and Credibility

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