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Top 3 Effective SEO Practices for Real Estate Agents

SEO is such a broad subject to cover since there are so many aspects of it. Most ‘Real Estate SEO’ content is oversaturated with information that sometimes can be difficult to comprehend.  So, here we come with 3 simple, already established and new  SEO practices for real estate agents you can adopt to improve your ranking in google and get exposure to new quality leads:

Target Locals in Your Keywords

Make it rule N1 for your keyword strategy to go as local as possible, even if your agency covers the whole region. When searching for ‘for sale’ houses most people use their location in their search and they are specific about it.

Let’s say your agency covers whole Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, but you’re based in Huntersville. Instead of targeting North Carolina keywords, It’s better to start with Targeting Huntersville. 

This strategy will get you to a less competitive field to establish yourself and will give you an opportunity to generate quality leads. While you’re there, don’t make the same mistake a lot of other real estate agents or agencies do. Do not overuse your keywords to the point that it sounds unnatural and spammy.


The best real estate SEO practices are the ones that are organic and genuine. That’s because Google is getting better at finding out what inorganic schemes and strategies people use to increase their traffic. 

Publish Content

This sounds so easy, but so many real estate professionals fail to do it. If you aim to get backlinks, as in other webpages to link your page, then you need content. This is especially true for real estate agencies and independent agents because you sell something and that kind of websites don’t get a lot of backlinks because there is nothing other websites can refer to other than your listings- which can be done, but it’s rare to happen organically.

So, in order to get linked, you need valuable content. Something other content creators could use and in exchange, refer to your website. You can start writing blogs, articles, any type of valuable information in any form- written, video, audio. Just start producing content relating to your niche in real estate to give you website a boost

Become a Source

One other way for other websites to link your business is to become a source for other real estate bloggers, journalists that work on subjects close to your niche. If you manage to do this, you may even find yourself in very respectable media publications as an expert in real estate field.

How can you, an average real estate agent do this? Present yourself as an expert in social media, be active and vocal, give updates about current market situation in your local city or even state. There is also a platform you can use for this purpose, you can register as a source on HARO and try to get featured in major publications, which will get you an amazing boost via backlinks in SEO.

Guest Posts and Podcasts

Yes, this is a time-consuming task, but if you manage to squeeze some amount of guest posts in your schedule,  you won’t regret it. When you guest post on other platforms or feature in podcasts as an expert in your field, you get an amazing exposure to a whole new audience.

This technique can become a gold mine if you can do this right.

As for backlinks, most probably wherever you manage to feature as an expert they will refer to your site or specific page. If not, keep track of all your guest appearances and ask for links.

Organic MLS Integration

Optimize Titles to Increase CTR

According to the new research conducted by Backlincko in collaboration with ClickFlow, some of the moves people used back in the day doesn’t really work anymore.  Here are some tips you can implement when searching for a possible title for your ads or any other purpose as a real estate agent:

Forget Power Words

Research found that Power Words actually decreased CTR by 13.9%. If you’re not familiar with the term, power words usually mean adjectives like:  Perfect, Best, Insane, Amazing etc..

These terms can be perfect to catch your leads’ attention on social media, but Backlincko states it looks spammy in Google search results

Target Emotion

It turns out emotional titles can increase organic click through rate. As a real estate agent you may ask yourself how can you use this tip in your field. No, you’re not required to make your leads cry by your titles you can be subtle about it.

You can use this tip when you create real estate content. See, study finds that being Emotional is not about power words rather than negative or positive sentiment. When you try to think of a title for your real estate blog try to go in a positive or negative direction, as they both have the same impact. Thing is, you shouldn’t be neutral. 

Try to focus on a positive or a negative to awaken a sentiment in your leads. An emotion is a very powerful tool to make people click on you article, blog, whatever content you produce as a real estate professional

Bonus Tip:

Make sure every page on your site has a meta description, google recommends it. They suggest having unique meta descriptions for every page can improve the number of clicks you get from Google search.

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