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13 Tips for Starting a Real Estate Blog

A beginners guide for real estate blogging

A blog can help your real estate site reach new levels. But to maximize its potential you need a strong foundation.

That foundation should consist of a consistent routine and good habits.

To get you off on the right foot, we surveyed Realtyna writers. Here’s their advice.

13 tips for starting a real estate blog

  1. Set Up Google Analytics
  2. Start Building an Email List
  3. Create a Content List
  4. Create a Social Media Calendar
  5. Ask Colleagues to Share Your Posts
  6. Find a Source for Royalty Free Images
  7. Focus on SEO
  8. Research Keywords That Can Bring Traffic
  9. Connect With Other Bloggers
  10. Gather Social Proof
  11. Link to Other Content on Your Site
  12. Use the Q & A Format
  13. Strive for Originality


Set Up Google Analytics

From day one, you should be analyzing your blog for information that can help you attract more leads and convert more sales. The best way to do this is to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you understand who is visiting your blog and when they are most likely to visit it. You can use this to target new content to keep them browsing longer.

real estate blog tipsStart Building an Email List

You may think that email lists are unnecessary in the age of social media. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that email marketing remains the most effective means to promote products and content. So before you publish your first blog post, you should have a plan in place to collect email addresses.

real estate blog tipsCreate a Content List

Before you start your blog you should write down every idea you have. Then you should do research and write down every new idea you have. Then you should do it one more time. Starting with a strong content list will save you time once you launch your blog because you won’t need to spend time researching. As you write, you will develop new ideas. Add these to your list and you’ll find that your well of blog ideas never runs dry.

real estate blog tipsCreate a Social Media Calendar

The best bloggers are creatures of habit. They have each step of the blogging process scheduled in advance and they follow this schedule closely. To further your blog, you should consider a social media calendar. This calendar will help you remember the optimal times to post and share your blog. Check out this blog post for help setting up a social media calendar.

real estate blog tipsAsk Colleagues & Friends to Share Your Posts

It’s a simple fact that the more people that like and retweet your posts the further they will travel. So don’t be afraid to ask your friends and colleagues to share your content.

real estate blog tipsFind a Source for Royalty Free Images

It’s no secret that blog posts with photos and video are more popular. It’s also no secret that you won’t always have personal photos suitable for your posts. So before you start blogging, take some time and find a few sources for royalty free images. We recommend Pixabay and Unsplash, but there are also many others.

real estate blog tipsFocus on SEO

Even with strong social media and email efforts, the best blogs derive a major share of their traffic from search engines. From your very first blog, you should be thinking about how to craft your blog title and description to maximize search engine hits. We have detailed SEO advice in our blog 9 Real Estate SEO Tips to Generate More Leads From Your IDX Website Today.


organic IDXResearch Keywords That Can Bring Traffic

It’s important to generate content that people actually want to read. So do some research. Try to determine the most popular keywords in your real estate sector. Then try to find somewhere you can make a meaningful contribution.

real estate blog tipsConnect With Other Bloggers

Don’t forget that other bloggers are a resource for you. Comment on their posts. Message them directly. Build out a network to improve your posts and increase their visibility.

real estate blog tipsGather Social Proof

Social proof are the reviews, comments, and testimonials by your clients and website visitors. By gathering them and posting them prominently on your blog you make it easier to attract new leads and website visitors because they will have confirmation of the quality of your work.

Link to Other Content on Your Site

Interlinking is an essential practice in blogging. By linking to related content on your site, you make it more likely for your website visitors to keep browsing. So when starting your blog, try to plan a number of related articles that you can interlink together.

Use the Q & A Format

Many web searches are in the form of a question. Try to think of some of the questions your target audience may be asking. Then provide an answer in the first 50 words of your blog post. If you can follow this format, you are more likely to appear in the Google snippet.

real estate blog tipsStrive for Originality

The best way to make waves online with a real estate blog is to generate strong, original content. So spend time perfecting your ideas and strive for originality. Develop your own concepts. Design your own posts. And when you have a unique opinion or idea, raise your hand.

real estate blog tipsWith these 13 tips for starting a real estate blog, you are ready to go. For content ideas check out our post What Should I Write About On My Real Estate Blog?

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