School Info Add-on

  • Display nearby schools on your real estate website
  • Add value to your content
  • Improve your website’s visitor experience
  • Each property page gets its own data

Nowadays, a lot of homebuyers tend to prioritize certain areas over others based on quality of schools nearby. This is especially true for families with children. It’s obvious there is a relationship between home value and quality of schools in the area. It should come as no surprise: The right education can become a springboard for the bright future.


This is exactly why it is so useful for a real estate website to have relevant and easy-to understand information about nearby schools, so that the visitors can get the maximum amount of information all in one place, that is your website

School Info

The School Information Add-on allows you to display valuable information about local schools and keep the visitors browsing through this data for a longer period of time.

With the School Information Add-on, you can:


  • Find and display information of nearby schools on your real estate website
  • Make your website content stand out
  • Keep your visitors browsing your website for a longer period of time
  • Let the visitors know you care about their families
School Search

School Note


Note: WPL School Information Add-on uses external sources (GreatSchools) for finding schools. You will need to attain the API key from them.
** may charge a fee for their services at their own discretion.

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