Make the most out of your paid ad campaigns and boost conversions, all from a single dashboard

  • Manage your campaigns
  • Identify your leads
  • Differentiate your lead sources
  • Choose their next step 
  • Capture your leads
The Channel Manager Plugin helps you identify the leads you paid for and allows you to choose what information to present to them, whether it’s a forced registration, targeted forms, or simply for analytical purposes.

How does the Channel Manager Work?

1. Source:
 Indicate the lead source via UTM links.
2. Condition:
Choose which conditions need to be met for the event to happen.
3. Result:
Choose what event is triggered for this lead under the chosen conditions.

What events can be triggered?

The Channel Manager allows you to select the desired conditions for an event to happen, those events can be:

Frequently Asked Questions

UTM links are links that include tracking parameters (such as campaign, source, etc.). Implementing and tracking UTM links are a great way to understand the performance of your marketing campaigns and website traffic. The Channel Manager Plugin uses these UTM to track leads from certain sources and trigger events.

The Channel Manager Plugin doesn’t have a built-in method of creating UTM links. However, it’s very easy to create a UTM link with the many free tools available online that help you do that.

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