How Alt Text Can Improve Real Estate SEO

How Alt Text Can Improve Real Estate SEO

Alt text, also known as “alternative text”, is a brief description that can be added to an image on a webpage to describe its content. 

By providing descriptive alt text with relevant keywords for your real estate website, you can improve your chances of appearing in image search results for your target audience. This means that potential customers looking for real estate properties in your area are more likely to find your images in their search results.

When search engines crawl a web page, they cannot “see” images the way humans can. Therefore, search engines rely on alt text to understand what the image is about and how it relates to the webpage’s content. 

Including relevant keywords in your alt text can help search engines understand the content of your images and improve your search engine rankings. For example, if you are showcasing a property for sale, including keywords such as “real estate,” “property for sale,” and the location of the property in the alt text can help search engines understand the context of the image.

Moreover, alt text plays a crucial role in image search results. Search engines use alt text to categorize and rank images in image search results. 

By providing accurate and relevant alt text for the images on a webpage, search engines can better understand the context of the page and how it should be ranked in search results. This can lead to improved visibility and traffic to the webpage, ultimately contributing to the SEO of the site.

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Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Alt Text for Your Property Images:

Be Accurate: Alt text should be descriptive and accurately reflect what is shown in the image. Use keywords related to the property, such as the location, type of property, and important features. Avoid using generic or vague descriptions like “image” or “photo.”

Keep it concise: Alt text should be short and to the point. This not only makes it easier for users to read, but also helps search engines understand the context of the image more quickly.

Avoid keyword stuffing: While it’s important to include relevant keywords in your alt text, avoid stuffing it with too many keywords. This can be seen as spammy and hurt your SEO efforts. Use keywords in a natural, contextual way.

Use hyphens or underscores: When writing alt text, separate words with hyphens or underscores instead of spaces. This makes it easier for search engines to read and understand the text.

Don’t use duplicate alt text: Avoid using the same alt text for multiple images on your website. Each image should have its own unique alt text that accurately describes the content of the image.

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