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8 Tips to Create an Inspired Real Estate Logo and Win More Leads

Your real estate logo is the single most important aspect of your brand. It’s the first thing clients see when they engage with your company. It’s also the first thing they pass judgment on.

We are all looking for that timeless logo that sticks with you. If you are a new agent, building your logo for the first time, there is a lot to consider. Here are some tips to get you started.

1) Give a Sense of Place

Your real estate logo is about communication. What message can you give to your clients in design?  If your community has a defining feature consider representing it in your logo. Or at a default, include a nature scene to convey peace and tranquility, and the idea of the home as a refuge.

2) Borrow From a Previous Era

Companies are constantly reinventing their logo or updating it to look more modern. But not all logos need to evolve forward. Consider looking to the past for inspiration in your real estate logo. If your community experienced a defining moment in the 1950’s, borrow from that era’s design trends.

Logo Design3) Draw From Architecture Styles

Sometimes to find a good logo you just need to look around. Real estate is full of beautiful lines and angles in the homes we show. If your community includes a more modern housing stock use simple, clean lines in your logo to communicate this fact. If you sell older homes, use a more intricate design to give a sense of craftsmanship.

4) Consider the Local Color Palette

Color has a powerful effect. A palette of greens, golds and blues will evoke rural scenery. A palette of greys and slate will give rise to skyscrapers and an urban setting. Bright colors will convey energy and movement.  Pastels provide calm and serenity. The options are nearly limitless to get your message across.

5) Work With Your Initials

If you are lacking ideas for your real estate logo consider working with your initials. Simple letters in a beautiful script convey elegance and sophistication.

6) Compare To Your Competition

No logo exists in a vacuum. Instead it will be considered against others in the industry. You should see how your logo looks in a line of business cards. Does it stand out? Or is it forgettable?    

7) Avoid the Rooftop

There is no single design item more common in real estate logos than the rooftop. As a new agent, you should be striving for freshness and uniqueness. So let’s just cross the rooftop off the list now.

8) Keep It Simple

Finally, don’t use all these tips at once. Keep your real estate logo simple. Your business card should convey a concise, clear message. It should not read like chapter 32 of Moby Dick.

So now you know how to create an inspired real estate logo and win more leads. Questions or feedback? Leave them in the comments. Or for more real estate tips, check out 8 Facebook Video Tips for Real Estate Agents.


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