Template28 v4.5.0 change logs 
– [ADDED] Show/Hide Login/Register in mobile menu.
– [ADDED] French translation.
– [FIXED] Property listing page styles.

Template28 v4.4.0 change logs 
– [FIXED] Visibility of the visits icon on the property listing page.
– [IMPROVED] Changed WPL TextDomain.

Template28 v3.5.4 change logs 
– [ADDED] MLS Agent/Office name.
– [ADDED] New widget area Carousel Boxed.
– [FIXED] Google map logo issue.
– [FIXED] Left slide widget area width.

Template28 v3.5.3 change logs 
– [ADDED] Hide/Show heart button is added.
– [ADDED] RTL option is added.
– [ADDED] Sort option Dropdown type is added.

Template28 v3.5.2 change logs 
– [ADDED] Apple touch icon is added.
– [IMPROVED] Theme images optimization.
– [IMPROVED] Javascript code optimization.
– [FIXED] Theme coloring issues fixed.
– [FIXED] The scroll to top button is fixed.
– [FIXED] Flex slider styles are fixed.

Template28 v3.5.1 change logs 
– [FIXED] Color option issue is fixed.

Template28 v3.5.0 change logs 
– [ADDED] New layout with left sidebar is added.
– [FIXED] A lot of optimization in javascript and css are done.
– [REMOVED] Removing fontawsome

Template28 v3.3.0 change logs 
– [FIXED] Sticky header issue
– [ADDED] New Widget area in header for language and currency switcher
– [ADDED] New feature for showing the header over the content or not in the homepage
– [ADDED] page-fullwidth.php added that is full width and has not container class
– [ADDED] Pre loader feature
– [FIXED] Dark layout color issues

Template28 v3.2.0 change logs 
– [ADDED] Dashboard link related to membership add-on to the header
– [ADDED] New widget area to the header for Language and Currency switcher
– [ADDED] Telegram and instagram social media icons
– [ADDED] Multi column feature for footer (1-4 columns)
– [ADDED] SQFT field have been added to the property listing layout instead of number of pictures
– [FIXED] Most of issues related to the multicolor feature.
– [FIXED] Some issues with predefined colors that I fixed them.
– [FIXED] Overflow links in the main menu
– [FIXED] Retina ready logo issue in user does not add it.
– [FIXED] The container issue on page load

Template28 v3.1.0 change logs 
– [ADDED] New custom header type for child theme overrides.
– [IMPROVED] Theme loading speed improved.
– [IMPROVED] Theme images compression, improved.
– [FIXED] Theme coloring issues fixed.
– [FIXED] Outstanding layout issues fixed.
– [FIXED] Header shadow issue fixed.
– [FIXED] Overlapping of no fixed image.
– [FIXED] Some other minor issues.

Template28 v3.0.0 change logs 
# New Features:
– Added Fav icon configuration
– Added A new Simple/Clean header (Header Type 0)
– Added overflow menu handler
– Added a new transparency feature for Header
– Added a new default Logo for template
– Added a new configuration section called “Layout Setting”
– Added a new Layout for Property Listing – Grid (Outstanding Boxes)
– Added a new layout for Property Listing – List (Outstanding Boxes)
– Added a new option for changing the Hover effect on property listing images (Fade effect)
– Added a new feature for configuring the position of text in Modern Carousel
– Added 2 new configurations for Property Listing fonts (Property Listing – Title and Property Show – Price)
– Added a “NEW” tag for new template configuration in template Back-end
– Added a new animation for Sticky Header.
– Added Template configuration as a Primary menu with Exclusive icon in WordPress Back-end.
– Added auto update feature to template and now on clients can update their template from the WordPress update manager.
– Added a new design for small devices (off canvas menu)
– Added Left menu of Theme Configuration now is floating when content is bigger, then don’t need to scroll back to top to save.
– Added a Complete Redesign Dark color
– Changed Default font of template to “Open Sans”.
– Changed “Layout” and “Page Width” move to Layout Section.
– Changed All configuration icons to SVG version to support any DPI.
– Changed Theme Configuration save loading to SVG-Animated icon
– Changed “Our Partner” images to svg images.

# Bug Fixing:
– Fixed Header issues in Desktop and Responsive version.
– Fixed Header Shadow issue.
– Fixed Footer icon issue.
– Fixed Responsive issue in Property Listing Page.
– Fixed Loading issue in Template Configuration.
– Fixed Header and Footer issue that prevent to override these files in the child templates
– Fixed Issue in uploading icon for Footer
– Fixed Responsive issue of “New Featured” section in homepage.