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Template28 v3 change log (11/09/2015 rev:1935)
# New Features:
– Added Fav icon configuration
– Added A new Simple/Clean header (Header Type 0)
– Added overflow menu handler
– Added a new transparency feature for Header
– Added a new default Logo for template
– Added a new configuration section called “Layout Setting”
– Added a new Layout for Property Listing – Grid (Outstanding Boxes)
– Added a new layout for Property Listing – List (Outstanding Boxes)
– Added a new option for changing the Hover effect on property listing images (Fade effect)
– Added a new feature for configuring the position of text in Modern Carousel
– Added 2 new configurations for Property Listing fonts (Property Listing – Title and Property Show – Price)
– Added a “NEW” tag for new template configuration in template Back-end
– Added a new animation for Sticky Header.
– Added Template configuration as a Primary menu with Exclusive icon in WordPress Back-end.
– Added auto update feature to template and now on clients can update their template from the WordPress update manager.
– Added a new design for small devices (off canvas menu)
– Added Left menu of Theme Configuration now is floating when content is bigger, then don’t need to scroll back to top to save.
– Added a Complete Redesign Dark color
– Changed Default font of template to “Open Sans”.
– Changed “Layout” and “Page Width” move to Layout Section.
– Changed All configuration icons to SVG version to support any DPI.
– Changed Theme Configuration save loading to SVG-Animated icon
– Changed “Our Partner” images to svg images.

# Bug Fixing:
– Fixed Header issues in Desktop and Responsive version.
– Fixed Header Shadow issue.
– Fixed Footer icon issue.
– Fixed Responsive issue in Property Listing Page.
– Fixed Loading issue in Template Configuration.
– Fixed Header and Footer issue that prevent to override these files in the child templates
– Fixed Issue in uploading icon for Footer
– Fixed Responsive issue of “New Featured” section in homepage.