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RealtyFeed - Simplifying
the Real Estate Industry

Realtyna RESO
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Realtyna has been working on an exciting project for a while now called RealtyFeed. After receiving a lot of inquiries from the existing customers about investment opportunities in our company, we are happy to provide the opportunity through a crowdfunding platform for a limited time.


RealtyFeed is a business network dedicated to the real estate industry and with a focus on Generation Z as the early adopters of the platform.


As our valued client, it will be our pleasure to have you onboard for this unique investment opportunity.

Learn more about this unique (and limited) opportunity here:


Jan 2020
realtyfeed and generation z article image

Get Ready for a Change- Gen Z Is About to Take the Real Estate Industry Over


The real estate market is facing a new reality, a reality where a large share of real estate buyers and sellers, as well as a new generation of real estate professionals, is going to be a Gen Z. Gen Z aka the digital natives aka iGen or centennials creates new opportunities and challenges for the real estate industry.
Jan 2020
realtyfeed and generation z article image

RealtyFeed and Generation Z Are the Future of Real Estate


We live in an era in which intuitive technology has overrun traditional and acquired systems. For decades, users have been forced to go through multiple pages of manuals and hours of training in order to be able to effectively use a new app or tool.
Jan 2020
ActiveRain logo

RealtyFeed: The Future of Real Estate Technology Is Here


Realtyna is excited to announce the campaign for RealtyFeed, its new real estate social network. The AI-empowered technology is set to revolutionize the world of proptech by making lead generation simple and intuitive for all.
Jan 2020
Post covid tech tsunami is here blog image

Post-COVID Tech Tsunami Is Here: Real Estate Industry Will Be Redefined by Generation


It’s 2021, and the real estate industry is somehow still functioning with tech tools developed in the 1990s. Despite the fact that RESO and other innovators have tried to modernize real estate, there is still…