APIs And Real Estate Websites

Applications and websites have hundreds of features and if a developer wants to write code for every single one of them, it will take years for an app to be ready. And let’s not even talk about all the debugging and troubleshooting. Mostly, developers use libraries in which multiple codes are already up for grabs.  Most of these codes may need revising and some may be impractical. That’s why most developers use APIs to take care of their coding.

Now, let’s see what an API actually is and how it benefits my Real Estate website:

What is an API

An API or Application Programming Interface is basically a restaurant menu for developers.

They can choose from a list of features on this menu without worrying about the coding behind it. 

This means saving a lot of coding time, especially for monotonous and small works and it doesn’t end there. 

You can use it from a software/service provider and embed their services into your website or application.

If I need to show the map on my website, I don’t need to write so many codes for it. I simply use the API from a map service provider such as API. 

Some APIs are free of charge but even if they come with a price tag, it is often nothing compared to the time and cost of coding. 

In addition, you won’t have to worry about updating codes for everything on a website or application. Remember the restaurant menu? The chef will take care of everything.

Realtyna's API plugin

Examples of APIs for Real Estate Websites

Real estate IDX websites are no exception to this development phenomenon. There are so many features you need to run on your IDX website such as neighborhoods, maps, listings and so on. 

Here is a list of popular APIs for your real estate IDX website:

 Google Maps API

To access Google maps and its features on your application or websites, you can acquire Google Map API and implement it on your website. Please watch the video to see how you can set up a Google Map on your WPL website. 

Google Maps

Realtors Property Resource API

A property database for realtors across the nation. It offers full property information such as listings, comparisons, and the results are offered in XML.Check out What is RPR to get some insights.


Yelp API

Yelp has been used by businesses around the world to provide reviews and marketing intel. Of of the main applications of Yelp in real estate is neighborhood information. Agents, buyers and even sellers can use this valuable source for their property research. 

Remember, Realtyna offers a Yelp integration which helps you pull Yelp’s neighborhood data and rating and display it on your website. Check out How to Add Yelp to Your Real Estate IDX Listings for more information.



Just like any other API, this one also moderates the flow of information, in this case, listings. Listings data gets updated as fast as possible. 

Realtyna’s MLS API, for instance, is flexible. It gives you the chance to choose to save locally or on the fly. Please check out this video for more info:




This is actually not an API. It is rather a huge resource of them and similar tools offered by the government of the United States. In addition to them, this portal offers publicly available governmental datasets that can be used for a real estate website. 

Visit the official website and use the search option to find what you need.  



Walk Score API

This is an interesting API for real estate websites and software developers. They can enjoy the following features:

  • Display the Walk Score or Transit Score of a location
  • Enable search by Walk Score on your site
  • Show public transit on a map
  • Visualize travel time on a map
  • Provide neighborhood insight
  • Use for websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications


Walk Score


In 2017, Real Estate Standard Organization introduced RESO API as the successor of RETSs. RESO API comes with a few advantages over RETS and major MSL across the country are switching to it. Visit the official website for more information:


Realtyna offers API services for WordPress or other CMSs. Contact us today for a free consultation:

Contact Our API Team:

(302) 525 8222

(650) 336 0000


Those who Realtyna’s WPL for their website can use WPL API to interact with their platform. They can use this API or write codes for applications based on their WPL websites. 

WPL API is based on RESTful technology and is HTTP-based. 

Using WPL Plugin, you can query your WPL Website through the following calls:

  • Add and remove favorites
  • Load favorites
  • Save search
  • Reset password via SMS
  • Show listing details

And more. Please read the documentation for clarifications. 

RealtyFeed API

RealtyFeed is the latest technology breakthrough by Realtyna. RealtyFeed server is a result of years of experience with MLSs and IDX solutions. It is based on Amazon cloud services and is ideal for those who are looking into a fast and reliable property listings API. 

Documentations for this API

Contact our team today for a demo test:

(302) 525 8222

(650) 336 0000

Best API Marketplaces

With API’s becoming more and more dominant in the world of software and web development, finding the best API becomes a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few marketplaces where you can offer your API or find the best API as a user. Here is a quick list:



Prebuilt Connectors and Integration Apps | Celigo

Manage & Monetize your API on the World’s Largest API Marketplace | Rapid


Abstract API

Apidog – Design. Debug. Test. Publish. Mock. Build APIs Faster & Together.

IFTTT for Developers

Final Thoughts

APIs have come a long way. Despite their time-saving benefits for real estate web and application developers, APIs have their own share of technical issues. 

Once you know your needs and set out to choose an API for it, make sure you do your homework. Check for reviews and purchase APIs from reputable vendors.

Realtyna is authorized by RESO and is an official vendor of its products. 

You and your MLS can make the switch to RESO with help from Realtyna experts at every step of the way. 

Want to know why and how you can switch to RESO? You should definitely check out the following blogs:


You can see a full list of Realtyna’s APIs here:


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