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Demographic Add-On

How Does Your Demographic Add-On Work?

Our MLS Integration works like a Web version of the RETS connector. This means that Realtyna, as a developer, never keeps the MLS data nor do we even have access to it after the completion of the integration project. Like the RETS Connector, our software will pull the authorized data only.

I Have A Current WordPress Website Already Built. Can You Do The Integration On My Website?

Yes you can install WPL Pro and the MLS Add-on on any standard WordPress theme. There is a tool in WPL Pro called the UI Customizer (UI: User Interface) that allows you to match the font/colors and some styles of the internal elements of WPL with your 3rd party theme. However for a more in-depth matching of designs, you will need css/html editing, done by a professional web designer. You can order such customizations from Realtyna as well.

Can I Install WPL Pro And Realtyna’s MLS Add-On On A Third Party Real Estate WordPress Theme?

Please read carefully. Technically you can install WPL & MLS on a third party theme BUT the internal real estate elements of the website (such as listing boxes, search widgets, property details page, agent listings, etc) will look like those of WPL, and not the theme. You will need to match the styles of WPL with your selected theme through a customization webmastering service.

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