Real Estate Closing Gifts: The Ultimate Guide for Agents

Real Estate Closing Gifts: The Ultimate Guide for Agents

Building lasting relationships with clients is key to your success.

One way to show your appreciation and cement bonds with clients is through closing gifts.

Selecting thoughtful gifts for buyers and sellers demonstrates that you value them, not just the transaction.

This guide will provide tips to help you determine appropriate closing presents based on your budget and clients’ personalities.

Discover creative ideas that make your clients feel special while promoting your brand so they’ll recommend you in the future.

With the right closing gift, you make meaningful connections that lead to repeat and referral business down the road.

Why Give Closing Gifts as a Real Estate Agent?

Giving closing gifts to your clients is an impactful way to show your appreciation for their business and build goodwill.

Providing a thoughtful gift at closing leaves a lasting positive impression and reminds your clients of the great experience they had working with you. It helps cement your relationship and keeps you at the top of their mind for referrals or future real estate needs.

Do Realtors Give Closing Gifts to Buyers and Sellers?

It Depends on the Agent and the Situation

Whether or not you provide closing gifts to your clients depends on your business practices and the relationship you have built with them.

Some agents provide small tokens of appreciation, while others do not provide any gifts. There are benefits to both approaches.

Providing gifts can be a way to show your clients you value them and appreciate their business. It leaves them with a positive last impression of you and your service. However, gifts are not always expected, and some clients may see them as an unnecessary expense. Agents must determine what is right for their own business and client relationships.

Gifts for Buyers vs. Sellers

If providing closing gifts, agents will often give separate gifts to buyers and sellers. For buyers, common gifts include a welcome mat, keychain, bottle of champagne, or basket with home-related items. For sellers, agents may provide a card or small memento to thank them for their business and the opportunity to sell their home.

Most Popular Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Most Popular Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts are one of the most popular closing gift ideas for real estate agents to give their clients. Some excellent options include:

  • Gift cards: Give your clients gift cards to their favorite home stores so they can pick out items they need for their new home. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Target are always appreciated.
  • Essentials baskets: Create a basket filled with home essentials your clients will need in their new place like kitchen tools, bathroom items, cleaning supplies, etc. You can find many of these items at dollar stores to keep costs low.
  • Decor items: Simple decorative accents like candles, art, plants, or throw pillows make great housewarming gifts. Stick to neutral, versatile options that will match any home decor.
  • Appliances: If you have a larger budget, small kitchen appliances like a coffeemaker, blender, or slow cooker are very useful housewarming gifts. However, be aware of your clients’ tastes and the overall style of their new home first.

Closing Keepsakes

Closing keepsakes make memorable gifts that your clients will appreciate for years to come. Some thoughtful options include:

  • Photo books or framed photos of the new home: Put together a photo book or framed photos of your clients in their new home. This personalizes the gift and provides them with a keepsake of this important milestone.
  • Customized address signs or plaques: An engraved house number sign, address plaque, or doormat embroidered with your clients’ new address makes a useful but sentimental gift.
  • Scrapbooks or journals: Provide your clients with a scrapbook or journal where they can document memories, photos, and home projects in their new place. Leave some space in the front for them to place a photo and for you to write a personal note.
  • Decorative boxes or key holders: A decorative storage box, key holder, or entryway cabinet gives your clients a place to store items in their new home while also serving as a reminder of you and your company. Have their names or addresses engraved on the item for an extra special touch.

Creative Closing Gifts Ideas for Buyers & Sellers

  • Personalized Stationery
  • Photo Album or Frame
  • Gift Card
  • Custom Doormat
  • Engraved Cutting Board or Serving Tray
  • Family Portrait Session
  • Home Improvement Consultation
  • Move-in Cleaning Service
  • Gardening Service
  • Bottle of wine or champagne with a custom label
  • Etc.

How Much to Spend on Real Estate Closing Gifts

Determining an appropriate budget for real estate closing gifts is an important consideration. Spending too little may seem unthoughtful while spending too much could be seen as inappropriate by clients or your brokerage.

Two things:

  • Set a Per-Client Gift Budget
  • Consider the Transaction Value

When to Give Closing Gifts in the Transaction

When to Give Closing Gifts in the Transaction

Giving gifts at the wrong time can seem misplaced and disingenuous. However, presenting gifts at strategic points in the transaction will make your clients feel valued and build goodwill.

At the Signing of the Purchase Agreement

Once your clients have signed the purchase agreement, giving an initial closing gift expresses your gratitude for their business and commitment to the transaction. An appropriate gift at this stage would be a welcome basket with snacks, a coffee mug, or a gift certificate to a local business. This small gesture shows you appreciate this first milestone in the process.

During the Inspection Period

The inspection period can be an anxious time for buyers as they await the results of the professional inspection of their new home. Providing a gift at this point, such as a candle or book by a local author, can help alleviate stress and demonstrate your support. Let your clients know you are there to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have.

At the Final Walk-Through

The final walk-through before closing is an opportune time for a closing gift. Your clients are about to take ownership and possession of their new home, so a housewarming gift is ideal. Consider a decorative item for their new home like artwork or throw pillows featuring the city or neighborhood. You can also give a more practical gift like a toolkit, fire extinguisher, or carbon monoxide detector.

At the Closing Table

The closing table is the pinnacle moment in any real estate transaction. Providing a thoughtful closing gift at this time will create lasting positive memories of their experience working with you. Ideal gifts include a framed photo of their new home, a bottle of champagne for a toast, or a Visa gift card to help them purchase any last-minute items needed for their new home.

How to Marketing Closing Gifts

Post about the closing gift program on your company’s social media profiles, including images of some of the more popular gift options.

Feature the gift program prominently on your website’s homepage, services page, and testimonials.

Make your clients smile with gifts and take photos and videos. Encourage them to give you a review on Google or other platforms.

These tactics will spread the word about your closing gift offering to the widest possible audience.

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