A Guide to MLS Approval in 2024

A Guide to MLS Approval in 2024

Gaining access to MLS listings in 2024 requires some effort. The MLS approval process has become more complex, requiring time and care to ensure your brokerage can display active property data.

To have your real estate brokerage approved for MLS and IDX feeds, you must first understand what they are.

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a database of properties listed for sale by real estate brokers and agents. The MLS allows brokers to share information about properties with other brokers to match buyers and sellers. MLS listings typically provide property details, photos, and descriptions to help buyers evaluate properties that meet their needs.

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. It refers to the data feed that supplies MLS listings to public real estate websites, brokerage websites, and agent websites. IDX allows brokers and agents to display MLS listings on their websites to attract buyers and sellers. IDX data feeds update in real-time as properties are listed and sold in the MLS.


Learn more about MLS policies here:



What Is MLS Feed Activation?

To be able to access listings data from MLSs, you need to follow compliance rules from the MLS. As an official vendor, Realtyna is responsible to make sure users of its technology follow these rules. These may vary from one MLS to another.

General process

Generally, you will be asked to provide some information such as your email and your broker’s information so our MLS department can seek approval from your MLS(s). This may take 2 to 19 business days depending on the responsiveness of your MLS.


Realtyna’s Process

Upon purchase and/or sign up on our API dashboard, you will be asked to fill out a form to provide details needed for our MLS department. Our MLS department then uses this information to seek approval for your access. In the meantime, you can set up your website or app using Realtyna’s API using demo data. Upon approval from your MLS, your access to real data will be released on the same API details. You don’t need to take any actions then.

You can check the MLSs supported by Realtyna and their service fees here:

Supported MLSs

You can sign up for a demo data access here:



Terms and conditions

Please review Realtyna’s Data Integration terms and conditions here:

Realtyna Data Integration Terms of Service Contract


MLS Approval Common Terms

MLS Approval Common Terms

To fully understand the MLS approval and IDX feed process, it is important to comprehend several key terms.


A listing refers to a property currently on the market, as represented by a real estate agent or broker. Basic listing information typically includes property details such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and amenities.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The MLS is a database of properties listed for sale by real estate brokers. Brokers who are members of the local MLS share their listings to increase exposure. Most MLSs are managed by real estate associations. Access to an MLS is typically restricted to licensed real estate agents and brokers.

IDX or Internet Data Exchange

The IDX allows real estate brokers to display each other’s listings on their public-facing websites. Through IDX feeds, listings in the MLS are syndicated to participating broker websites. This provides consumers with access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on properties for sale in a given market.

Commingling Restrictions

Commingling restrictions refer to rules placed by an MLS that prohibit brokers from sharing or providing access to MLS data to third parties not authorized by the MLS. This helps protect the MLS data and ensure it is only available to licensed real estate professionals.

Brokers-Only Restrictions

Some MLSs restrict access only to brokers and not individual agents. This type of brokers-only restriction limits MLS membership and data access solely to the broker/owner of the real estate firm.

MLS Data Access Fees

MLS data access fees refer to any charges or costs that an MLS places on members for the ability to access and utilize the MLS data and system. This is a common way for MLSs to collect revenue from members.

Data Management Fees

Data management fees are separate charges that some MLSs implement for the management, maintenance and upkeep of the MLS database and system. This helps cover the costs of maintaining the MLS data and technology.

VOW or Virtual Office Website

A VOW is a broker’s website that allows customers to search MLS data under the broker’s supervision. VOWs must follow specific rules regarding the display of listing data. Brokers can choose whether or not to operate a VOW on their website.


Syndication refers to the distribution of listing data from the MLS to other websites, mobile apps, and technologies. The most well-known examples are Zillow, Realtor.com, and broker IDX websites. Syndication helps increase exposure for listings by making them visible on the most popular real estate platforms.

MLS Approval in 2024 FAQs

What does the MLS approval process entail? It often requires information about your office, broker and you must follow compliance rules of the MLS(s).

How can my brokerage prepare for MLS approval in 2024? Contact your MLS and make sure you follow all the steps. If you have an active membership with them and follow compliance rules, there should be no issues in your approval.

What options do we have if our MLS application is denied? You must contact the MLS to seek further details. Please note that active membership is a must. So you need to join the MLS as a member before you can be eligible for data access.

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