Top Reasons for a Favorites Function on Real Estate Sites (2024)

Top Reasons for a Favorites Function on Real Estate Sites (2024)

Implementing a favorites or bookmarking function on your real estate website provides valuable benefits for agents and brokers.

Allowing clients to save and organize their favorite listings improves the overall user experience for real estate professionals.

This article provides the top reasons for having a favorite feature for real estate professionals.

In most real estate themes, there is an option to enable and add favorite functions to your website, we have several themes that cover favorite functions, check our theme choosing guide to see the differences between them.

Now let’s talk about the top reasons:

Allow Users to Easily Save and Organize Listings

Save Time and Effort

Enabling users to save their favorite real estate listings to a personalized account allows them to efficiently organize and keep track of properties that interest them.

Rather than having to search through numerous listings repeatedly and keep notes on various options, users can save listings to review, compare, and revisit later.

This time-saving feature helps users narrow down options and stay organized during what can be an overwhelming process.

Simplify the Search Process

The ability to save favorite listings also makes the search process less cumbersome by allowing users to save listings that meet their key criteria.

As users review more listings, they can save those that best match their needs and budget. Over time, users build a curated set of viable options to evaluate in depth.

They can then analyze details, compare listings, and determine top choices. With a smaller, targeted set of listings to focus on, users can search more strategically and efficiently.

Revisit and Return Easily

Favorite listing options enable users to revisit saved properties with ease. They can return to listings of interest to review details, virtually tour the property again, or get updated information.

The convenience of saved listings allows users to take their time exploring options without worrying that a listing may disappear or details may change before they have fully assessed it.

Users can also get updates on listing status changes, price changes, or if a property is newly available. Saved listings provide an easy way for users to stay on top of real estate options that matter most to them.

Provide a Customized Experience for Returning Visitors

Provide a Customized Experience for Returning Visitors

When visitors save favorite properties or searches, the website can use that information to provide tailored recommendations and updates.

Saved Searches and Alerts

Allowing visitors to save search criteria and receive alerts when new listings match those criteria is an easy way to provide value to returning users.

Visitors appreciate receiving updates on the specific types of properties that interest them, without having to continually rerun searches.

Saved searches and alerts demonstrate that the website understands the visitor’s needs and is working to match them with suitable properties.

Recommended Listings

The properties a visitor saves as “favorites” provide insight into the types of homes they are most interested in. Using that data, the website can recommend similar listings to the visitor.

For example, if a visitor frequently favorites large, historic homes in a certain price range and neighborhood, the site might highlight other comparable properties in those areas.

Personalized recommendations make the visitor feel like the website is catering to their unique tastes and needs.

Customized Dashboard

A dashboard that aggregates a visitor’s favorite properties, saved searches, recently viewed listings, and other personal account details in one place gives the visitor a customized overview of their interaction with the site.

The dashboard becomes a home base, allowing easy access to the information most relevant and useful to that particular visitor.

Gain Insights Into User Behavior and Preferences

Gain Insights Into User Behavior and Preferences

By implementing a favorites function on your real estate website, you gain valuable insight into how users are engaging with properties and the types of homes they are most interested in. As users save listings they like, you can track the locations, prices, number of rooms, and other attributes of their favorites.

Analyze Trends in User Interests

Over time, you may start to see trends emerge in the types of properties your users favor. For example, you may find that homes in certain neighborhoods or at particular price points tend to be favored more often. You can then use this information to make strategic decisions on your website, such as showcasing more listings that match these trending user interests on your homepage or in newsletters.

Personalize the User Experience

With knowledge of a user’s favorite listings, you can personalize their experience on your site. For instance, you may suggest additional listings with similar attributes that you think they may be interested in.

Identify Valuable User Segments

Analyzing favorites can help you identify key user segments to target. You may determine that a large portion of your users consistently favor luxury properties, for example, indicating an opportunity to tailor your marketing and services to high-end clients. Or, you could find that many millennial users favor downtown condos, signaling a chance to position your site as the go-to resource for urban living.

Build Stronger User Relationships

A favorites feature helps build loyalty by giving users a reason to frequently return to your site. As users save and revisit their favorite listings, they develop a habit of using your site as their primary resource for real estate searches and information.

You can then leverage this habit to establish long-term relationships with users through regular communication and additional tools like property alerts. Strong user relationships, in turn, translate into more leads and conversions for your business.


Ultimately, adding a favorite or bookmarking function to your real estate website benefits both site users and your business.

Implementing this feature requires little effort for custom-built websites compared to WordPress sites. By using the WPL Pro you can easily enable favorite widgets on your websites. Check out this document for more.

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