Using the URL Removal Tool in Google Search Console

Using the URL Removal Tool in Google Search Console

There may be times when you need to request the removal of specific URLs.

The URL Removal Tool allows you to request the removal of URLs from Google’s search results that you no longer want to appear.

This is useful for real estate websites in case you want to remove outdated listings or duplicate content ASAP to improve the quality of search results.


It can be useful when you want to remove pages ASAP! It’s not a common way to remove pages. Many other ways help you to deindex your page, but they are useless if you want results immediately.

How to Use the URL Removal Tool

The URL Removal Tool is straightforward to use. Simply enter the URLs you want to remove, one per line, into the text box provided. You can enter up to 1,000 URLs at a time. Then click “Submit” and the removal request will be processed, usually within a few days. You may need to check back to confirm the URLs have been removed from the search.

When to Use the URL Removal Tool for Real Estate Websites

There might be a million reasons for removing any type of page from Google and search results. There can be a million million reasons.

The better question is do you want to remove those pages as soon as possible? Or do you have time?

If you are not hurry, it’s better to use other ways to deindex your pages. You can remove that page, redirect it, add meta robots to it, make it private, etc. All of these ways need time, Google should recrawl the page and then decide to do anything.

But if you want to remove that page immediately, you better use the Removals tool.

What Happens After Submitting a URL Removal Request?

What Happens After Submitting a URL Removal Request

Google Reviews and Processes the Request

After submitting a URL removal request through Google Search Console, Google will review your request to determine if the URL meets its removal guidelines.

URL May Temporarily Disappear

If Google approves your removal request, the URL will temporarily disappear from Google’s search results for a minimum of 6 months. The URL may reappear after 6 months if Google recrawls the URL and finds that it still contains harmful or illegal content. You will need to submit another removal request to have the URL removed again.

URL is Permanently Removed

In some cases, if a URL contains extremely harmful, dangerous, or illegal content that violates Google’s policies, they may permanently remove the URL from search results. Once a URL has been permanently removed, it will not reappear in search results even after recrawling the page.

Monitor for Reappearance of URL

Even after a URL has been temporarily or permanently removed from search results, it is a good idea to periodically check if the URL has reappeared.

Will removing a URL affect my rankings?

The URLs you remove will simply no longer appear in Google search results, but your other, high-quality pages will continue to rank as normal.

Can I re-index a URL after removing it?

Simply remove the request from the list, make sure everything on the pages is OK, and metadata is set to “index”, then wait for Google to recrawl and decide.

That’s all. I know it was a very short article, but believe me, it’s enough.

If you want further information, check Google Guideline on Removal Reports.

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