What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Google Core Updates & Google Algorithms

What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Google Core Updates & Google Algorithms

Google regularly updates its search algorithms to improve search results for users.

These updates can impact the visibility of websites in search results. While some updates are minor tweaks, others are major algorithm changes that significantly alter how sites are ranked.

Real estate agents need to stay up-to-date on Google algorithm changes to ensure their websites and online content remain optimized for high rankings and traffic.

Today, in this article from the series of specialized articles on real estate SEO, we will discuss this issue.

What Are Google Core Updates?

Google routinely releases broad algorithm updates, known as core updates, to improve its search results.

These updates tweak how Google’s ranking systems evaluate websites and web pages.

The goal is to better match what people are searching for on the internet.

Core updates can impact search rankings across the web, including real estate websites and listings.

Your site and content may go up or down in rankings after an update.

How Core Updates Impact Real Estate Website Rankings

Google releases core updates a few times per year to improve its search algorithms.

These updates can cause major fluctuations in site rankings as Google reassesses the quality and relevance of pages.

Your real estate website may gain or lose positions, impacting traffic and lead volume.

Preparing for Google Core Algorithm Updates

To prepare for potential impacts from a core update, focus on optimizing your content and online properties.

Double-check that all content on your website is high quality, accurate, and helpful for users.

Google values content that provides real value to searchers, so prioritize giving website visitors useful information over overly self-promotional content.

It’s a good idea to monitor your search analytics and traffic closely after a core update rolls out.

Check your search rankings and traffic to see if there are any major changes.

If your rankings or traffic drop significantly after an update, it may indicate an issue with your website or content that needs to be addressed.

Don’t make major changes right away, but evaluate potential issues and develop a plan to resolve them.

While core updates can be worrying, focusing on providing high-quality content and services, keeping your website optimized, and closely monitoring the impacts can help minimize negative effects.

FAQs on Google Core Updates for Real Estate Agents

FAQs on Google Core Updates for Real Estate Agents

Why Do Google Core Updates Matter to Real Estate Agents?

Google is the dominant search engine, with over 70% of the search market share. Ranking prominently in Google search results is critical for real estate agents to drive traffic to their website and generate new leads. A Google Core Update can significantly impact search rankings, either improving or reducing your position in results pages. Your website may gain or lose a large volume of traffic, impacting your lead generation.

What Can I Do If My Rankings Drop After an Update?

  • Double-check that your website is still mobile-friendly and contains no technical issues. Fix any problems immediately.
  • Review your content and do an audit of page quality. Look for any content that seems low value, thin, or keyword-stuffed and improve or remove it.
  • Continue monitoring your keywords and ranking. It can take time for changes to fully roll out after an update.

Where can I learn more about Core Updates?

There are lots of resources about it, the most and best trustful resource is Google Search Central

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