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MLS Integration

How does your MLS Integration work?

Our MLS Integration works like a Web version of the RETS connector. This means that Realtyna, as a developer, never keeps the MLS data nor do we even have access to it after the completion of the integration project. Like the RETS Connector, our software will pull the authorized data only.

I have a current WordPress website already built. Can you do the integration on my website?

Yes you can install WPL Pro and the MLS Add-on on any standard WordPress theme. There is a tool in WPL Pro called the UI Customizer (UI: User Interface) that allows you to match the font/colors and some styles of the internal elements of WPL with your 3rd party theme. However for a more in-depth matching of designs, you will need css/html editing, done by a professional web designer. You can order such customizations from Realtyna as well.

Can I install WPL Pro and Realtyna’s MLS add-on on a third party Real Estate WordPress theme?

Please read carefully. Technically you can install WPL & MLS on a third party theme BUT the internal real estate elements of the website (such as listing boxes, search widgets, property details page, agent listings, etc) will look like those of WPL, and not the theme. You will need to match the styles of WPL with your selected theme through a customization webmastering service.

Will clients still be able to search for all of the homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service from my website with the Realtyna Organic MLS Integration?

If your RETS access to your MLS Provider has sufficient access to the data (required authorization), the answer is yes. Your website will have full syndication with the MLS database and so they will be able to search the entire MLS database with our MLS Integration.
A number of MLS Providers provide two levels of access:

  • Access to all data (95% of the cases)
  • Access to the listings belonging to that agent/broker only (5% of the cases).
Can clients be set up to receive listings as they come on the market from my site with the Realtyna Organic MLS Integration?

Yes.  This is called a ‘Saved Search Notification’ and it’s part of the Advanced Portal Search (APS) Add-on. With this feature clients can save their search criteria and as soon as a new listing matching that criteria becomes available on the MLS database, they will receive a notification from your website.

Can I set up a required sign in (with name, phone and email) prior to online consumers being able to search the MLS from my site?

There are different ways to achieve this. 1- WordPress itself has a registration form. You can request the name and email of the users for the registrations. This information will be emailed to the administrator. However you cannot restrict your online consumers from accessing the MLS Listings. Everyone can search and view listings.  2- In WPL’s Membership Add-on ($350), you can request the user’s phone number as well, and the information will be emailed to you. In addition, you can restrict access to the MLS Listings to registered users only. This will force users to register on your website.  3- With our CRM Add-on, you can have full control over the fields of the registration form. Also when a user registers, the lead will be generated and added to the CRM system, with extensive tools to manage and monitor the lead. For more information on Realtyna’s CRM features click here.

Can I have an email forwarded to me when prospects sign up to search the MLS?

Yes, this is possible. For the full answer, please refer to the previous question and answer.

I am contacting my real estate board to get the RETS access. They said I need the Vendor to sign the contract. Are you the Vendor?

Realtyna is the Vendor of some major MLS Providers and based on market demands, it is open for negotiating with other MLS Providers for signing the vendor contract with them. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a trial version for the MLS Integration?

Realtyna’s MLS integration needs customized syndicated mapping to work, and the process requires hours of technical work. As a result there is no trial version. In addition to  our proven track record and the availability to review our  examples of the Organic MLS Integration projects that we have done, we also have a money back guarantee in the event we are unable to integrate the data.

Can I have more than one MLS Integration into my website?

You can have up to 16 MLS Integration on the same website. The listings will be merged and you will have all of the listings as a unified database. Each MLS will need its own MLS Integration package. There is a progressive discount offer for integrating more than one MLS feed. Please contact us for more information.

I have several domains. Can I have the integration on my other domains?

The MLS Integration is valid for one domain only. If you have more than one domain, please contact us for getting a special offer.

Is your MLS system compatible with Fusion, Paragon and Matrix?

Our system is compatible with all RETS XML methods including Paragon, Matrix and Fusion.

What are third parties issues that could result in a delay in the projected time frame for the MLS Integration?

Third party issues mean if we are integrating the data into a current website with a third party template/theme design, you, your developer, or Realtyna (whichever is applicable) may need to redesign some elements during the process, and will need to change the CSS/HTML files.  This could cause delays in the projected time frame. As well, your real estate board or your hosting provider are also third parties.  If they delay sending us required information or if any issues arise because of these third parties, your projected time frame could also be delayed.

Can you assign agents to their listings?

For Realtors who have their own listings, you can create those Realtor profiles in WPL Pro (your website). Then we can associate their profiles with their agent ID from the MLS (if this field is available in the MLS feed).  When a listing belongs to that agent ID, we can automatically assign it to the same agent in our system.

Currently we offer this for a maximum of 10 agent/office ID’s as a part of our standard Organic MLS Integration.  For brokers with lots of agents, there is a new addon called Agent Mapping add-on which allows automating this process.

Can I have a blog on my website with the Realtyna solution?

Yes. In fact Realtyna’s solution is based on the WordPress/Joomla CMS system. Therefore, in addition to using the features of our products, you are able to use the full features of WordPress/Joomla and possibly other 3rd party plugins/ extensions. This means that there are no restrictions from our side, but please note that we can’t guarantee that ALL 3rd party plugins are compatible with our products.

Can I use my own hosting?

Absolutely. Although Realtyna provides advanced ‘managed hosting’, you are free to choose any hosting/server that meets the technical requirements.

Will I have access to the back end of the website? For prospects who sign in, can they see the information in the back end?

You as the website owner, will have full access to the back-end and the admin section of the website. Make sure you don’t change the technical settings of the website to ensure your website continues to work smoothly.  Prospects will not have access to the back-end of the website.  They will only be able to login to the front-end.