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How to Attract Buyers In Canada

Property buyers are enjoying higher consumer confidence and support from the government in Canada. According to the Mortgage and Housing Corporation in Canada, new incentives for first time buyers are making it easier to become a homeowner.  

Buyers in different areas have different inclinations. In Canada, people’s expectations about a property may sound completely out of the question for some folks in the United States. 

Nevertheless, statistics show that following trends are essential to consider when deciding how to attract home buyers in Canada:

Condos with Two Beds are the Most Popular

Modern Canadians prefer apartments to houses. Two-bedroom apartments are the most coveted. 

This tendency towards condos has to do with the fact that more people prefer to live in densely populated areas, such as the Greater Toronto Area, in order to have access to more amenities.

A study by RE/MAX shows that 75% of Canadians wish they were living closer to shopping and dining areas. 

Lower Range of Prices are More Popular

In general, properties at the lower end of the median price range are more likely to sell. As a result, price charming and similar techniques probably will not work in the Canadian real estate market. Buyers nowadays do a lot of research and are more educated about prices and commissions than ever before. 

Focus on Lakeview or Coastal Properties

Those who wish to buy houses outside the metropolitan areas are no longer as interested in mountain views or farm houses. A house on the beach or by the lake stands a greater chance of selling in this category. 

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Modernize the Kitchen 

If you have plans to update a house, go for a modern kitchen. Most folks run out of their budget due to down payments and other costs and there is not much left for updating the features of a house. 

So do the math, and make a smart upgrading decision. A house with a modernized kitchen is going to sell faster.

Include a Pool and a Fireplace

We already established that condos are more likely to sell than houses. Those who seek houses however, and can afford it, have shown great interest in a pool and a fireplace. Unwinding after a long day of work seems to be an important factor in the mind of buyers these days.    

Be Brief and Advantageous

House hunters spend a lot of time on different portals and websites to find the best property. So make sure you offer a maximum of 5 to 10 photos and precise descriptions. 

If you go for a long list of items in your property no one is interested in, your listing is more likely to be overlooked. 

If you need more information about how to properly advertise your property, please continue to our blog Market a Property!

Bottom Line

Canada’s real estate market is huge. There are so many different hotspots for real estate and each of them pose their own challenges and opportunities for real estate professionals. 

The bottom line is clients are becoming more educated. As a real estate agent who wishes to make money in Canada, you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest tech features and marketing strategies

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