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How to Advertise Your Property?

Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or an owner selling for the first time, knowing how to advertise your property can save you a lot of time and money.  From finding a good place to post your ad to preparing perfect images, a property ad can be a challenging feat but the outcome can be worth the try. 

Now and again, you hear folks trying to sell or rent for months but nothing happens. Eventually, they end up offering their property at disturbingly low prices. 

Let’s check out five tips to create the right advertisement for your property:

Pricing Policies

Setting the right price is probably the most important step in the promotion of any products nowadays. When it comes to properties, this becomes even more tangible. 

If you are not an agent, you should do your homework. 

Check your local real estate websites and find out what prices are common for properties like yours. This will help you avoid under/overselling your listing. 

Another critical policy is price bracketing. Some listing websites provide filtering options for their viewers. So if for example, your offer is at $620, the website displays your property ad for people who want to see the range between 600-800. 

So, changing your price to $580 may completely change your audience. Understand your website ranges before setting your price. 

If you are an agent looking for a website, then Realtyna’s online solutions can help from the get-go. 

To know more about property settings on websites please read Create Custom Properties.

Payment Options

Now that we know how important prices are, we should also focus on payment options.

Folks always appreciate a higher range of payment options. If you are renting in the low season, for example, you need to give options such as weekly or monthly for payment. If you know your property is hot and will easily make it to the leads, then there is no need for multiple options. 

Booking and Calendar Ads-On


Every marketing strategy out there is based on something and that is CONTENT. 

The text or description that comes along an ad speaks a lot about the product and the person who is offering it. Being too honest or too promotional will repel potential customers.  

To write a good description, take these into consideration:

  • Don’t write long descriptions
  • Focus on what’s trending at the moment, for instance, solar panels, central heating, high-speed internet and ….
  • Use CAPITAL LETTERS and Title Case but don’t OVERDO it.
  • Describe features from most important to least important. 
  • Highlight the advantages of your property, such as location, amenities, views, brand appliances, and etc.



Images and videos are probably the most engaging elements of marketing. The impact of an image or a video clip is a lot higher than plain texts. In some cases, potential buyers don’t even bother to read the description if images are bad. 

Poor images are often low quality and are taken from a terrible angle. Viewers can see disturbing elements in them, like the amateur photographer or an item that shouldn’t be there.

Here are some examples of bad images for property ads:

Bad Image
Bad Image


Good images, on the other hand, catch the eye and make customers reach out for the number and call. 

Here are examples of good images for property ads:

Good Quality Image
Good Quality Image


Where to Post

Now that we have the property ad prepared, we need to find a place to post it. This can be a local website, Facebook, MLS or other social network platforms. 

Before making the decision, you should know that the best place is the one that reaches out to more potential customers. 

You may be able to get more leads with a Facebook ad than your MLS. On the other hand, your local MLS may bring more visitors to your property ad. 

The bottom line is the nature of your property and the climate of the real estate market.

Remember, Realtyna’s Facebook Add-on can help you include all the features of a good property ad. 

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