Zap Search Add-on

Increase search speed by at least 20%
Process information in milliseconds
Improve site performance


Zap Search Add-on

Real estate agents with an active online presence understand how important user experience is to the success of their businesses. The Zap Search Add-on gives you the advantage of having a dynamic, ultra fast and optimized search experience for your users on your Real Estate website. It is an open-source analytics and full-text search tool that lets you configure a large number of listings in split seconds while maintaining a good SEO balance on your website.

Zap Search Add-on
Zap Search Add-on


  • An advanced solution designed to boost performance for a large number of listings
  • Five times speed boost and loads data in milliseconds
  • Supports standard search features such as text, select to search, and more
  • With the use of its in-built polygon and radius map search, users can easily click to select preferred areas for more customized results
  • Highly customizable, better text matching, and more accurate location search
  • New sort option “Best Match,” with more relevant matches at the top
  • Advanced search suggestion with instant results
  • Easy installation with additional support from a team of hands-on designers

Powerful Search Engine

Zap search can build everything you need to create a powerful search engine and lets users extract meaning from your data at scale. Furthermore, Zap search is a powerful tool not just for search but as an analytics platform. It is generally a faster solution for real estate websites with many listings and huge complex data.

Zap Search Add-on

Server Requirements

-PHP 7.2 or higher
-Terminal access (Preferably root, or if it’s non-root, it should have enough access to install Elastic)
-Elasticsearch installed and running

Note: Realtyna and Zap Search add-on are using Elasticsearch functions. Any required service or servers related to this should be obtained by the client.