What are the Most Expensive Marketing Ideas in Real Estate

Marketing ideas and strategies come in all shapes and sizes. But in terms of costs, they are not created equal. In a creative field like marketing, expensive does not mean effective. Often fresh and creative ideas can outperform the most costly ones. But some expensive marketing strategies really are worth it. We’ll try to identify these real estate marketing ideas in this blog today.

Professional Videography/Drone Footage

When talking about professional video, the emphasis should be on professional. Video is essential in any type of marketing, that expense should not be spared here.

The idea of having a professional videographer/editor on your payroll is an expensive idea, but it can pay for itself in lead generation, conversion rates, and branding.

Having drone footage is impressive, so it catches you lead’s eye and positions your brand as modern and technologically advanced. 

Consistency is also important. Having video for every listing carries meaning, and it can become your signature as a real estate agent.

Also, a little less expensive than drone, but still a relevant approach would be hiring a professional photographer. Even though video is conquering the internet with all force, professionally taken and edited photos can still go a long way.

3D Tours & Virtual Staging as Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Virtual reality is not a thing of tomorrow anymore. It’s already here. Using VR systems in your listing not only attracts buyer leads, but also makes a statement for your seller leads.

It’s not a cheap technique. Costs for having 3D tours and virtual staging for every listing is going to be considerable. However, having this feature on your website takes your marketing to another level.

Imagine yourself as a seller. If you had to make a choice between two or more equally competent real estate agents, wouldn’t you choose the one who could also offer you a 3D tour?

Feature Ads in Traditional Media

Feature ads in top media outlets like Forbes, The Economist, etc. will cost you thousands of dollars. Is it worth it? It depends, of course, on the maturity of your business. If you have the marketing budget, you should consider it.

When your business appears in influential media, it puts you on the map and gives you a huge amount of credibility and awareness. If your goal is to go big (at least nationwide) with your business, then you’ll definitely need to consider this type of real estate marketing.

Influential Real Estate Marketing 

The idea here is to pay someone more influential than you to talk about your business and spread your message. Costs vary by the influencer’s popularity and number of social media followers. 

Collaborating with big names could cost just as much as the big media outlets mentioned above. If you are looking for influencers to promote your listing, see our guide to 12 YouTubers That Might Feature Your Real Estate Listing

Online and Offline Advertising as a Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Both online and offline advertising can cost a lot. But they are an integral part of every real estate marketing plan.

Pay-per-click, social media ads, billboards, and branded clothing are some common online and offline advertising techniques. These certainly pay off most of the time.

One thing you have to realize is that you need a balance between online and offline advertising. Online marketing is the trend nowadays, but don’t forget that more traditional forms of advertising could work better in certain situations.

The key here is research. Before you decide what form of advertising and what marketing ideas in real estate you are going to use, you need to research your target audience and get to know them. Where do they spend most of their time? Do they use social media? Which websites do they trust? Etc.

Robust Website, Which You Own

It’s important to own your website when you have a real estate business. It gives you more control and security. Owning your website and its data will cost you more, but the payoff in lead generation and conversion is larger.

To learn more about owning your own website and how it can lead to more traffic and revenue, check out Realtyna’s Organic MLS Integration here.

Are you interested in learning more about real estate marketing? Read our blog How to Use Google Adwords in the Marketing Field for Your Real Estate Brand  or How Much Do Real Estate Agents Spend on Marketing for more.

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