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How Important Are Tags in Real Estate Online Marketing?

Once you have your real estate website up and running, you should improve your real estate online marketing by being more active on social media.

Sharing listings and posting related content are the best ways to engage and be seen. 

One way to enhance the visibility of your content is to use proper tagging. Hashtags help you appear in  search results and popular content lists. 

What are tags and how we can effectively apply them to our real estate social media? These are the questions we are going to address in this article, so stick around.

What Is a Tag?

Tags are labels we assign to a post, an image, a video or any other form of content we would like to publish. Different platforms and social media have different ways of integrating tags but their ultimate function is more or less the same: they help your content be shown to the right audience. 

Users often search for something with a specific keyword or phrase. This is where tags are used as signs to guide the search engine to the right content. 

Following keywords, tags are the second most important factor for the visibility of your content on social media. The following image shows how important tags are in the success of your content on different social media outlets:

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Tags in WordPress

WordPress is a content management system based on HTML and CSS. These are front end development languages. There are several ways to manage tags but since we are focused on only content here, we will discuss only meta tags and descriptions. 

Tags, especially the meta tag, are an important element of your Google presence. At the time of writing this, Google accepts a 600 pixel title, so if your tag is less than 60 words, you are most probably good to go. Viewers can see your title completely in Google results. 

Avoid writing with ALL CAPS because it takes up a lot of space and is hard to read. 

Google is smart, so don’t overdo keywords. Try to give your pages a unique name.

Here is an example of an optimized tag:

Code sample


<title>Example Title</title>


Optimal format

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Springfield Condos – New Homes for Sale | ABC Real Estate

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Visit our Knowledge Base for more information about tags in WordPress.

Tags on Youtube

Youtube is probably the most diligent consumer of tags. Tags have a direct impact on your views, and they often become more critical than keywords and descriptions. This is because they help you deal with keyword difficulty in a more convenient way. This is far from easy when it comes to titles and descriptions. 

To better understand how tags can help on Youtube, let’s have a look at two latest videos we posted on Realtyna’s Youtube Channel:

The following are two videos we have recently published:

real estatate marketing

The first on the right is an animation published two months ago about the RESO Data Dictionary. The other one on the left is another about our Franchise Solution.

As you see, the one on the left has more views despite the fact that it is a less popular keyword with a lower search rate than the RESO Data Dictionary. Also, it was published a month later. Still, it managed to gain more views. What brings this success for this video is proper tagging.

To optimize tags for Youtube, make sure you:

  • Include at least 20 tags
  • Include all relevant keywords of the video
  • Include popular keywords in your niche
  • Include popular YouTube pages in your niche

To understand this better, here is a list of tags we used for the video mentioned above:

















Don’t forget to visit our Video blogs for more real estate animations and videos. 

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are also heavily dependent on hashtags. They both provide threads and other features based on popular hashtags. 

For instance, there is a thread for #Realestateinvesting with over 1.2M posts. You can add this to a particular post. Then, if people search for this hashtag or follow the thread, they will see your posts without having to follow your page or account. 

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Remember, Instagram is managed by Facebook so there is a lot of retargeting in place. That is to say, your activity on either of them might affect your visibility in both. 

Tags are also used as a means to include people or other pages in content. This can help your content to be promoted through the other tagged person or page. 


LinkedIn is relatively less straightforward when it comes to hashtags. As a result, users are less inclined to promote content based on hashtags. Recently however, LinkedIn encourages users to use hashtags. It will probably take some time for tags to be widely popular and effective on LinkedIn, but you can still integrate them into your content. 

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What’s Next in Real Estate Online Marketing?

Tags and hashtags play a critical role in social media visibility. Successful social media marketing campaigns need further research into keywords and tags. 

Real estate websites are no exception. If you need more information about how to research keywords and tags for your online marketing attempts, make sure not to  miss the following blogs:

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