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How to Improve Facebook Experience for Your Real Estate Brand and be Seen More on Social Media.

When we think about Facebook, we certainly must remember that it was some kind of a pioneer of mega social networks. Until Facebook, there wasn’t any other network, so huge, so massive and so culturally important. It’s a predecessor of the massive Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. 

It was first. So, with that in mind, Facebook certainly holds a dear place in our hearts. And despite the growing popularity of Instagram, Facebook won’t lose its importance. It can be safely said that if Instagram is oriented on the visual representation, Facebook is more about connecting people, communication here is essential. Use Facebook to connect with your customers and build trust. 

Note to remember, older people are still getting used to the whole concept of social media and are still getting a grip on Facebook, so if your main audience consists of older people, definitely use more Facebook.

Here are important tips on how to be seen more on Facebook for real estate:

First Step- Creating a Facebook Page for Real Estate.

Create a separate profile for your brand on Facebook; don’t use your personal profile!

It’s more professional and safe at the same time. You don’t want absolute strangers to have access to your personal stuff. 

And also it’s against Facebook’s Terms of Service to use a personal profile for commerce. So, if you set up your personal page for a business purpose and your ”nemesis” will know that and notify Facebook, you can probably guess it right, Facebook will shut your account down; you will lose your leads and it will affect your brand’s reputation.

Post Interactive and Entertaining Content.

Show your customers that you care about them but in a subtle way. Don’t post only advertising content, don’t create posts only for the sake of your brand promotion. Inevitably it will become boring and irritating. 

The right way of gaining the trust of your customers is by posting various content types: helpful, entertaining, engaging and only then promoting. 

Think about your business account as some kind of fancy dish and your content as a recipe, you don’t want to add only one ingredient or to add it too much, it just won’t be edible.

As already mentioned you need to create interactive content, content that customers would want to consume on a daily basis. But what exactly engaging content for real estate agents looks like? Here are some ideas that you can use to differentiate your content list:

  • Show people that you’re an expert in your field and post helpful guides on your account for the homebuyers.
  • Create contests and engage your customers. That way you can build a new relationship with customers who just found your page and strengthen the older ones. 


You’re showing that your account is a diverse one, where clients can find not only financial and promoting talk, but also it can be lighthearted and fun. And who doesn’t like a good contest?

  • Show that you care about the neighborhood you live or work in. Express the admiration of your neighborhood by posting pictures of the houses located here or the events that are going to be held in your town.
  • Well, don’t forget to add a droplet of promotion. Post your listing and let people add comments on it and engage with other customers.


How to Be Seen More on?

Now that we’ve established how your personal business account should look like, let’s dive in deeper and discuss what is an algorithm that will help you to be seen more and promoted more by Facebook for real estate?

Facebook Algorithm.

Did you notice? Facebook shows you only a small number of posts!

But how does it decide what post is worth to appear on your feed? Well, everything here depends on your activity on social media. If you don’t engage with it on a daily basis you won’t get recognition. 

Not only has that, aside from your activity on your business page, but Facebook also takes into consideration your customers’ engagement level. Facebook does not like to show older posts. That means that you need to be very active so you can build more authority on social media networks.

How can you achieve it?

  • Of course first and foremost, take care of your own content and post it regularly.
  • Other than that you can follow other real estate experts and comment and like their posts. Not only will you build a good partnership with your fellow colleagues but also be seen more by Facebook. 


And maybe other real estate agents will follow you back and like and comment on your content.

  • Always reply to every comment that appears under your posts.
  • Go back to your old and most popular posts and comment on it, that way it will appear on your customers’ newsfeed. Yes, maybe this method seems too sneaky, but it works.


Organic MLS Integration


Why is Facebook advertising so convenient and successful? Because it has a very unique feature: it targets specific demographic indicators. Demographic indicators can be very specific, certain age groups, profession or even territorial locations.

Has it ever occurred to your, for instance, when you were scrolling down on the Amazon and searching for, say Boots, After careful research you finally buy boots or abandon the idea of buying them, it doesn’t really matter but then you notice that the same boots are everywhere on your social media feed.

The same picture you searched on Amazon follows you from one social media to another.

This technique is called retargeting. Facebook helps companies to retarget people who viewed the company’s products or once upon a time purchased them. 

So taking advantage of the Facebook algorithm and posting ads here will definitely increase your visibility. 

Don’t forget Realtyna’s Facebook Add-on helps you maintain a connection with your leads even after they live your site. With Facebook Add- on you’re able to transform your Facebook experience into the long-term marketing campaign.

P.S Have additional questions about how to be seen more on social media? Check out this article How to Improve Your Instagram Experience and Generate More Leads?

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