How to Make a Real Estate Office SEO-Friendly?

How to Make a Real Estate Website SEO-Friendly?

SEO is something everyone talks about nowadays. We all agree that SEO plays a huge role in a website’s lead generation process. You may think about different things while creating your real estate website. You may have included everything, have the best design, the most organized listings, but is your website SEO-friendly? Let’s discuss what an SEO-friendly website means. 

In short, a website that is indexed by search engines is an SEO-friendly website. But, we also have to mention that there are different factors that  determine your website’s SEO. Generally, a website’s SEO is divided into two parts: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are equally important for you to build a powerful real estate website. Let’s discuss what each of them means and how you can achieve it on your website. 

On-page SEO

As a real estate agent, focusing on on-page real estate SEO helps you to control different elements, and it makes your website more flexible, faster and visible. Here are some things you have to consider for your real estate website to be SEO-friendly. 

Web Page URL—Check the webpage URL. Make sure that you are using keywords at the beginning of it, and try to make the URL as short as possible. With the URL, Google recognizes what is on your website. 

Internal Links—Internal links help people stay on your website and decrease the bounce-rate there. It’s a great source in the lead generation process. Provide your website pages with internal links, and link it to other pages of your own website. 

Content—Quality content is the thing you must always take into consideration. Good content is what attracts clients on your website. For example, if you are writing blogs on your website, make sure that the blogs are attractive for readers. Divide them with subheadings, use keywords and make it useful and interesting for readers. Also, use pictures with Alt text. 

Page Speed—No one likes slow websites.  Real estate websites are especially challenging because they include a  huge amount of listings. It can slow down the site sometimes. So, if you don’t want to have a bad user experience, you must make sure that your website speed is good enough. You can increase your website’s strength with the help of Realtyna’s CDN. With CDN, a big amount of data will load fast and the speed of your website will increase.  

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Off-page SEO

Sometimes it’s not enough to provide major changes only on your website. You are trying to promote your website around the web, and improve its position on search engine results. This is what we call off-page SEO. 

Let’s discuss some of the most important factors of off-page SEO: 

Link-Building—Link-building is the most important factor in off-page SEO. Google search ranks web pages that contain backlinks. You should use external links. But always remember, link quality matters. So, your links should be reliable sources. 

Social Media—Social media helps you to increase the visibility of your brand significantly. Likes, shares, and comments all help brands grow. If you provide people with the quality content, they will start coming on your social media channels and of course, website. 

Today social media is all about influencers. You can work with an influencer who is popular in the real estate market, record videos with them, make different projects. 

Blog Commenting—Did you know that commenting on blogs helps you to stay noteable in the real estate world? Just try to be natural and give important feedback in comments, this way you can gain trust. 

Testimonials—If your real estate brand-name is used in reviews in a positive way, congratulations. This means more leads for you. If your clients are mentioning you in some comments with the appropriate keywords, then Google recognizes that you are a reliable source. This means that Google will rank your website. So, testimonials are important for your real estate business. 

Considering off-page and on-page strategies is important if you want to make your website SEO-friendly. If you are using off-page and on-page strategies together, you have a chance to be a major player in the huge real estate market. 

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