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How Brokerages Can Overcome the Challenges of Using New Real Estate Technology

As with most industries, technology in real estate is growing and evolving. As a result, processes like managing listings, open houses, closing deals, virtual technology, and more have improved. However, despite the innovative nature of modern tech, not all real estate agents are quick to embrace change and fully use the latest technology.

To ensure that all agents adapt fully to new tech, below are some ways of overcoming the challenges of using new real estate technology.

5 Ways to Remedy the Challenges of Using New Technology

Here are some ways that will help agents and their clients quickly adapt to new tech and use it to improve efficiency in their real estate business.

Provide Training and Mentoring

Training programs help professionals understand and master how new technology works and how it helps improve work efficiency. Also, brokerages can assign personnel with full knowledge of how to use new real estate tech to those still facing challenges understanding or adopting it. 

Help Agents See the Value for Themselves 

Before adopting new real estate tech to the brokerage, Realtors/brokers should introduce the technology to their members, explaining how it benefits them. Agents are more likely to use new technology if they know how it works and how it helps their business growth. 

Promote the Technology Use

Motivating agents and clients to use new tech will engage them in adapting to its use. When professionals or clients understand that previous technology is outdated and needs an upgrade, adopting new tech will be hassle-free for real estate businesses. For example, brokers can offer free trials and other incentives to promote using new and effective technology.

Break it Up Into Small Steps

Brokers should carefully break down the process of learning and adapting to new tech for agents and clients to avoid overwhelming them with new functionality. Also, the learning process shouldn’t be rushed for professionals to catch up at a convenient pace (proper learning/training and work balance). 

Host ‘Launch and Learn’ Conferences

Host conferences to assist agents to interact and learn more about new tech. At such meetings, brokerages can provide presentations of new technology to give agents insight into the functions and importance of the tech. By so doing, questions can be asked to clarify doubts while offering more understanding about the technology.

Bottom Line 

Introducing new tech to real estate businesses can be met with mixed feelings. However, as the world continues to shift towards technology, its importance in the growth of companies can’t be overstated. So, brokerages must ensure that their members and clients are educated and ready to embrace new real estate technology.

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