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Gas Stoves in Real Estate: How You Can Create Listings With the Details Buyers Seek

Gas stoves have been in the news a lot recently with media discussions focusing on the possibility of harmful emissions. As a result, a U.S. regulator has floated restrictions on new stoves. Some cities and states have moved to ban gas cooking in new buildings.

But for many real estate agents, there is no debate.

The gas stove remains the most popular cooking appliance for home buyers.

And there is data to back them up. According to a 2021 National Association of Home Builders survey, 51 percent of home buyers said they prefer to cook with gas compared to 39 percent for electric.

Kitchen stove type can have a small but meaningful effect on sales price and days on the market, particularly in competitive markets.

With WPL, you can create listings with gas stoves, kitchen equipment, or any other details buyers seek.

What Is WPL?

WPL is a feature-rich real estate plugin for WordPress. Flexible and extendable, WPL is easy to use and can accommodate countless listing details and selling points.

How to Create Listings with Gas Stoves and Other Details

At the core of WPL is the Flex System which allows agents to add, modify, delete and deactivate any property listing detail field they choose with just a few clicks.

Step 1 – Navigate to Flex

Go to WPL > Flex and open the Appliances data category.


Step 2 – Create a New Field

Under Add a new field, select Feature from the dropdown menu and click add.

WPL for real estate listings

Step 3 – Complete Field Details

In the Name field, add Stove Type. Then, in the Type dropdown, select single.


Step 4 – Create Options

Click the plus sign, and in the field, add Gas Stove. Then, click the plus sign again, and add Electric Stove.


Step 5 – Save

Save your new kitchen stove listing field.


Step 6 – Create New Listing

Navigate to WPL > Listing Manager and choose Add Listing


Step 7 – Choose Stove Type

Choose the Appliances category. Select Stove Type and select Gas or Electric from the drop down.

Step 8 – Complete Other Details and Publish

Complete listing details in the other field categories and click Finalize.

You can follow the same steps to add kitchen equipment and other details and publish them in your listings.

Debate may continue about the future of gas stoves. But until buyers tell us otherwise, they will remain an important detail in real estate listings.

Debate may continue about the future of gas stoves. But until buyers tell us otherwise, they will remain an important detail in real estate listings.

Check out a WPL demo, or contact us for a free trial.

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