A Headless CMS Vs Traditional Templating for Real Estate

A Headless CMS or Traditional Templating for Real Estate?

Headless CMSs are taking the world of web development by storm. Developers are figuring out whether or not they should opt for a headless structure or continue with traditional native templating.

What Is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a content management system that allows you to develop solutions with any frontend channel (head) you prefer. Traditionally, CMSs are limited to certain platforms for development. For example, you need to use a WordPress backend with a WordPress theme. With a headless system, however, you can use WordPress and connect it to a React native theme, for example. Learn more about this here:

How to Build A Headless WordPress Website: Real Estate Edition

What Are the Advantages of a Headless Structure?

Apart from flexibility in terms of the frontend channel, a headless website or app provides multiple other benefits such as:

  • Speed

Since headless structures are based on API connections and you are not restricted to a certain heavy frontend channel, you can develop solutions faster.

  • Improved Security

API connectivity allows for a more secure data transfer.

  • Development Costs

The fact that you can choose from a long list of platforms for your frontend helps with reducing the costs of development. Some of the most common frameworks for a headless body are:

Hosting Costs

Traditional templating requires hosting a large amount of data locally. A headless structure, on the other hand, reduces hosting costs.

Examples of Real Estate Headless Structure

You can see examples of a real estate headless website below. This website is powered by MLS Router API as the headless body. The frontend side of the website is developed using the Next.js framework:

You can see a comparison of website speed and performance of a headless structure and a traditional templating site here:

Exhibit A (A Headless Website powered by RealtyFeed API)


Exhibit B (traditional templating)

Website without RealtyfeedMLS Router As the Body of Your Headless Solution

Realtyna introduced MLS Router, a one-stop API for all your real estate data need:


The data from MLS Router API is 

  • Up-to-date
  • Accurate
  • Offered within MLS licensing procedure

Check out the API documentation here:


Sign up for a Demo API Key and Start Developing

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