11 Tips to Convert Leads With Realtyna IDX and ZOHO CRM

The success of your online real estate operation depends on three things: lead generation, lead capture, and lead conversion.

We’ve described how Realtyna’s Organic IDX can help your SEO and bring more leads to your site. We’ve also noted how the platform can help you capture leads and learn about your clients.

Today we will explore lead conversion with Realtyna’s Organic IDX and ZOHO CRM.

Realtyna’s front-end user features are designed to encourage leads to interact with your site. As they do, they leave a breadcrumb trail of information such as contact information, properties favorites, and searches saved.

How you use this information will determine your success in closing a deal.

Multichannel Communication

With Realtyna IDX and ZOHO CRM, you will have access to multichannel communication support, allowing you to text, email, and message your leads in one place.  This common directory of contact information and recorded conversations can help you respond faster, provide more specific information, and fine-tune your pitch.

Create Events

The platform also allows you to create events. Do you have multiple showings in a week? Put them on your CRM calendar to stay organized and have the necessary client information ready.


Set Reminders

Leads move-on when they don’t get a high level of service. With reminders you will never miss a follow-up or be late to a meeting, ensuring a high level of professionalism in your communications.

Assign Leads

Assigning leads can help you divide work among your team members as you see fit. If you have a specialist in a property category you may assign matching leads directly. Or to provide equitably leads to all, you can use a round robin. Predictable and fair lead assignments will keep morale high and your team motivated.


Healthy competition is a good thing for the office. It keeps team members engaged and striving to do better. But if it goes too far, it can create a cutthroat atmosphere that may deter your best agents. Gamification keeps competition friendly by pitting your agents’ performance against one another without making it personal.

Custom Sales Process

As your business evolves so do your processes. Ideally a real estate business should start narrow and expand. As this expansion occurs you should update your sales procedures to make sure you a providing the best service to your new clientele.

Automated Workflow

Don’t keep your leads waiting. With automated workflow you can respond to inquiries faster and handle more leads at once without reducing the quality of your service.

Deal Timeline

As deals get closer to closing they often require more attention. With the deal timeline feature you‘ll quickly know what deals are nearing completion, allowing you to allocate resources to get them over the line.

Document Library

Few things frustrate a lead more than hearing, “Give me a second to photocopy the form I need.” With the document library feature you can keep all the essential documents in one place allowing your agents to move faster through paperwork and provide more one-on-one interaction with leads.


Realtyna and ZOHO are mobile responsive, allowing you to respond to leads and track the sales process in real time from your device. Don’t neglect an important deal just because you are out of the office.


The best agents are constantly trying to improve. With analytics from your CRM, you can monitor important metrics of success such as conversion rate and email open rate. Generate reports to know the weak points in your business. Then address them accordingly.

Realtyna IDX and ZOHO CRM are a powerful real estate suite designed to help you take your business and ultimately your life to the next level.

For more tips, check out Weird Lead Generation Ideas That Actually Work and Blogging Tips for Beginners. Or to learn more about Realtyna IDX and CRM, contact our technical sales team.

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