Weird Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads that Actually Work

It pays to think outside the box, even in real estate.

Here are 9 weird ways to generate real estate leads that actually work.


If you wear a name-tag all day everyday, people are going to notice.

Your interactions with them will go one of two ways.

One, they will draw a connection from your nametag and reach out.

Maybe it’s their uncle who is looking to sell their home. Maybe they want to chat about trends in the housing market.

This is the best-case scenario.

Two, they don’t draw a connection and they simply ask you why you are wearing a nametag.

You can explain that you are a real estate agent, and you wear a nametag to help find potential clients.

Still not a bad outcome.


Ok eavesdropping sounds a little creepy, but I couldn’t think of another way to put it.

You want to bring your laptop to a public place, do work there, and generate real estate leads.

Starbucks is perfect for this. There is Wi-Fi, there is high turnover, and many of them are crowded so people talk loudly.

Listen for anything related to your business.

This could be a couple talking about moving to a new city.

It could be friends talking about a divorce.

It could be someone talking about her job in HR.

Each of these present a networking opportunity.Walk over. Explain politely that you couldn’t help but overhear. And explain who you are.


People start home improvement projects at key points in their life. One of them is in preparation for selling a home.

So set up shop in front (with permission of course). A small chair, table, and sign should do the trick.

Handout stuff and try to collect contact information. This could be a free market report, a guide to home improvement projects that add value, or even gift cards.


Most high schools hold career days where community members come and speak about their professions.

Volunteer for one. It will give you the chance to meet parents and teachers and generate real estate leads.



We call this emulation. In short, you want to find someone who is succeeding in real estate.

Then emulate their marketing strategy (but don’t plagiarize their content).


Shareable media is a great way to promote your brand and generate real estate leads.

Even real estate can be turned into a meme.

Think about the inside jokes, the quirks, or the little annoying things that can happen.

Then create a humorous ven diagram, or a stick figure comic.

It doesn’t need to be beautiful, just simple, and clear.


If you’ve ever used Sporcle, you know how long someone can spend doing an online quiz.

So create your own!

Better yet, make many.

These could be based off a recent real estate market report.

Or they could be based on the selling process.

Quizzes will engage your readers and they can be a learning tool.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many TV series and YouTube channels dedicated to real estate?

It’s because real estate is sexy.

It’s a high energy, high impact lifestyle that attracts a lot of interest.

You can leverage this interest with a Reddit AMA, to generate real estate leads.

If you don’t know, a Reddit AMA is a forum where Reddit users collectively interview other users. AMA stands for ask me anything.

There are tons of opportunities for real estate agents here.

Craft a good hook. Then set up an AMA.


Create a profile.

Put information about your job and the homes you are showing in your about me.

Strike up a professional conversation with anyone that matches with you.

It’s unconventional, but can you think of a way to regularly meet new people?

It’s unconventional but it works.

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