Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging Now?

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging Now

Despite some websites reporting a drop in the traffic, we think continuing to post blogs is key to staying on top. We hear it all the time. Consistency is very important for social media strategy. It’s an important factor in acquiring new followers. Well, websites and blogging require the same dedication.

What about the drop in the traffic? You might ask. Is it worth it to continue blogging? Yes, it is. The drop in the traffic is natural, it already happens from time to time. It’s no surprise that the pandemic caused a slight drop in traffic. It was bound to happen.

Here is the thing. With the pandemic changing the way we live, people will have more questions than ever before. And how will they solve this problem? They will turn to the Internet for the answers.

This is the time when you can become a source of valuable information and develop an expertise. People will trust your judgment, and this will affect your business inquiries as well. 

Now, let’s talk in a more detailed way about why you shouldn’t stop blogging now.

Information, Information, Information

As we mentioned already, people have many questions about how the real estate industry is functioning. What are the rules and regulations? People are still buying and selling homes. Clients just want to know what is allowed and what not. People are interested in the possibilities of open houses, market conditions, new technologies, and solutions that real estate professionals are offering. You can become an important source of information for this. You can show your expertise not only to your clients, but also to your fellow colleagues. People value a trusted source of information. And who knows better what’s going on with the real estate industry if not a real estate agent.

Market Reports Add-on

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Blogging Is a Good Way of Promoting Your Services

We already mentioned that it’s not a time for pushy marketing. But a little bit of marketing won’t hurt. Mixing informative content with marketing content seems like a good match. As we have mentioned time and time before, you need to be helpful and empathetic and think first about how you can help your clients.

Blogs Are a Great Content for Social Media

Right now social media is one of the few ways we can interact with our clients. It’s important to stay active and post consistently. But sometimes we might find ourselves in a situation where we feel like we posted everything and there is nothing new. Blogs are the content that can help you make your social media posts more diverse. You can post a link of your blog and that way drive even more traffic to your posts.

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