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What Are Different Types of APIs?

API is short for Application Programming Interface. It is one of the most powerful and adaptable ways to integrate different software applications. APIs make it easier to embed content into your websites or other applications. As a result, you may provide the user with a seamless user experience, and relevant and up-to-date information. That is why API is vital to everyone working in this business.  MLS data is transferred through API to the real estate agent’s websites. Without further ado, let’s dive into our main topic for today—the different types of API.

The Types of APIs

There are four different types of API, namely: open API, partner API, internal API, and composite API.  Real estate agents require a real estate-specific API for their IDX and other listings data. . Read on to know more about the 4 different types of API and their traits.

Open APIs

Open APIs, also known as external APIs or public APIs, have no restriction to access, and developers from different companies can access them. They may require a registration API key, or be publicly open. However, they are meant for external use.

Partner APIs

Partner API is a lot like open API. The only difference is that it only is for business-to-business interactions. It requires specific permissions and licenses and is not available to the public.

Internal APIs

Internal APIs are also known as private APIs. They are the opposite of external APIs and are designed for internal data sharing and connecting systems.

Composite APIs

Composite API is a more extensive API that connects two or more APIs to combine a series of connected or interdependent operations. It is responsible for creating better performance and speed, especially when dealing with complex API behaviors.

Why Are APIs Important?

  • Increases speed and performance
  • Helps companies with data sharing and connecting systems
  • Improves user experience
  • Saves cost, and
  • Creates new revenue opportunities

What Are API First Companies?

API First is a term that describes a new model of software development designed by connecting both external and internal services through different APIs. With API First, developers can build convenient products with higher quality with better digital value. API First companies use APIs to operate most of their data available to partners and customers. They help you manage all your data to complete various requests.

Final Words

Real estate professionals can now seamlessly integrate MLS listings on their websites with API while streamlining other company processes. For example, Organic RESO API Integration helps Realtors build flexibility and simplicity into their MLS connection while increasing SEO value.

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